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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I'm wondering why tabbing through this demo https://codepen.io/itsMeAra/live/YzYXBGL/5244cd02fa2b0e6bf931105bc11f6517 doesn't seem to be highlighting the links in each section? Is there a way to get it so as you press Tab it highlights each link and scrolltrigger animates to that section?
  2. Hey guys, In a previous post, I asked about adding text to a banner that would be picked up by a screen reader, and got a great answer. The ad unit was given a once-over by some folks at the ADA, and they came back to us saying that we should have tabindex controls on any buttons in the banner as well. We have a play/pause, replay and the cta button that would need that attribute. My problem is, I built this particular unit in Animate CC, and don't know how to add tabindex to those elements. I saw that the 2dContext of the canvas element has a drawFocusIfNeeded() method, but how do I add that to my buttons? Also, can anyone confirm that the content of the banner, if it's being iframed in, will receive focus if the user keeps tabbing? Again, for the record, this is the first banner I've ever built that had all these strict ADA requirements, so I'm a little new at this. Thanks!
  3. We just got a request to add some accessibility features to a banner. One request is to add a pause button to the banner so that the user can start and stop it to make the copy more readable. The other is to add hidden off-screen text for screen readers. Has anyone ever had such a request? Of course, the pause button thing is easy, but I'm just wondering about the experience. And is there a recommended method for adding hidden text that is still detected by screen-readers? I know that using display: none; or visibility: hidden; will also remove it from screen readers - should I just use negative positioning? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.