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Found 3 results

  1. I am trying to rotate a Z rotated element on the X/Y axis + perspective and transform-origin, and just can't get the GSAP result to be the same as with the CSS animation result. (My question relate to the attached codepen) In CSS I can first rotate the X component and only then apply the Z rotation, which creates a different animation than the other way around. GSAP (as far as I know) has a fixed transforms order (I remember @GreenSock writing about it years ago), but still, I tried and tried and wasn't able to get the same animation in both CSS and GSAP (using a single element) Thanks!
  2. Hope someone can help me out here. I am doing a very simple y-axis rotation animation that works fine on desktop and Android, but does not rotate on iOS (Safari OR Chrome). Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks so much!
  3. Hello I was dealing with an issue in Firefox Mobile Browser, where it would not honor overflow hidden when 3d transforming its child. So the parent that had overflow hidden, would have its childs 3d transforms display outside the parents bounds. There is an opacity: 0.99 hack that you can add to the parent your transforming, but in some instances it will cause the layout to get pushed down, and is very very frustrating to debug. .targetElementThatHas3dTransforms { opacity: 0.999; } Firefox Mobile Browser does not honor overflow hidden when using or animating 3d transforms on its child. So i came up with another hack which i find that worked. Apply this to your style sheet: * { outline: 1px none transparent; } I also did some other tests, and found out that if you add this to the element your animating, that uses 3d transforms.. it should also fix that overflow hidden bug: .targetElementThatHas3dTransforms { outline:1px none transparent; } Also if you want to apply via javascript and only apply on FireFox Mobile Browser you can do this: // check for FireFox var isFF = !(window.mozInnerScreenX == null); // check for mobile touch support var isTouch = ('ontouchstart' in document.documentElement); // check for FireFox Mobile Browser (FireFox and Mobile Touch) if(isFF && isTouch){ TweenMax.set($('.targetElementThatHas3dTransforms'),{'outline':'1px solid transparent'}); } I found out the Desktop version of Firefox doesnt like the outline on the element that has the 3d Transforms. And animates slow and blocky in some cases, So above we only add the hack when in Mobile view.. from what i noticed in my tests. This solved the Firefox Mobile Browser overflow hidden bug. Im not sure why the Firefox Mobile browser behaves this way. But I thought i would share this, so if anybody runs in to this same issue, it can provide some help.