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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I've been struggling with this for a while now and finally decided to submit this to the forum. I've read a number of posts that make this seem easy, but I'm obviously missing something. I'm trying to simply add an HTML video element to a timeline so I can control when it starts to play and coordinate it with my other banner elements. In this simple example, I want to control how long I see a black screen with the intro text before I fade that black background and text away and start the video. (The Pen I've posted here is a much shortened version, btw, for simplicity.) I have tried a number of configurations of .play() and .add with a callback function, but it just doesn't seem to work. The only reason the video plays in the Pen I have now is that I have autoplay set in the HTML attributes in the video element. If I remove that attribute from the video element, the rest of my timeline plays over a blank box. Is there something I'm missing with how to configure a video element and add it to a simple timeline? Thanks so much for any insight you can give me!
  2. Hello! I'm still relatively new to animation and GSAP, so I'm trying hard to learn the best ways of going about this. http://codepen.io/hitokage/pen/PPBzvW You can see on my codepen I'm trying to make it so that if you edit a section, it's going to make the other sections uneditable and what I want it to do is make the edit and remove buttons animate to hide them (not written yet) and the save animate into existence (along with a cancel button not yet existing). However, while everything else basically works, this is where I'm hitting my roadblock. I have this.clickToEdit.play(); working just fine, but no matter what I put (saveMenu.clicktoSave.play(); or this.clickToSave.play(); and make the script above look for the right element instead of just $(this)) it keeps telling me that it's undefined. How do you get an animation to just... activate on click/hover/etc? Secondary question: is there a more condensed way to be writing my animations? Mostly trying to get things to work and playing around with things but I'd like to learn to write as DRY as possible. Thank you all so much - everyone's been super kind on these forums!