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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I have trouble importing gsap plugin to vscode via CDN. None of the plugin is working. Help please!
  2. Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know that I created a vscode extension called "Gsap GreenSock Snippets", it already has more than 40 different snippets and I am planning to eventually add more. I hope you can give it a try and find it useful. Happy tweening! Max.
  3. In a Vim editor I can open the .npmrc file with this command: myproject $ vim ~/.npmrc <ENTER> How do I do this in Visual Studio Code ? 1) myproject $ vscode ~/.mpmrc <ENTER> or . . . 2) myproject $ npm set editor code myproject $ npm config edit
  4. Hi guys, i import the libs gsap from `npm` for only get @type description with intelisence. But each time i use the tweenLite or tweenMax, it add this line to top of my file import { TweenLite } from "gsap"; how i can remove this feature am pretty sure it comes from gsap because it not happen with my other npm libs @type . I use the npm only for get type description for intelisence, so i no need import each time i use it because am working on a node-webkit app, and i don't use import features, tweenlite are already injected in all the core app.. Also this should not happen because i exclude node_modules import in my jsconfig, but it seems no effect with your libs. ! { "compilerOptions": { "target": "ES6" }, "exclude": [ "node_modules","bower_components","temp","tmp","jspm_packages", "./js/__old/","./js/libs/" ] } thanks