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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, GSAP forum. Over the past few months I've been having a blast getting to grips with GSAP, as I've transitioned my entire workflow from CSS3 to GSAP. It's had its challenges, but nobody could say this site doesn't provide enough resources to get up to speed with the library, so thanks to everyone on the team for all the great work that's done here. So my problem likely betrays a gap in my general javascript knowledge as much as anything else, but it is however intricately linked to something I want to do with GSAP. Basically I want to tween a group of elements to the value contained in their relevant data- attributes. I've put together a simple code pen to show what I'm after as you can see in the foot of this post. So it should be pretty self explanatory. I click the start button and the tweens should grow to the percentage value contained in data-width and the pixel value of data-height. I've been able to set tweens with fixed variables in the past, but this goes beyond me right now. Thanks for any and all assistance.
  2. Hi, I'm using the latest version for AS3 (greensock-v12-as3) in Flash Pro CS6 with a Shockingly Green membership. I'd like to save a bezierThrough tween in a var, so that I can reverse it later on, but I only know how to use bezierThrough by calling the TweenMax.to or TweenMax.from methods, so don't know how to instantiate a bezierThrough. I'd like to use this syntax: "var myTween:TweenMax = new TweenMax(-mybezierThrough tween-);" but how to do it when bezierThrough syntax is: TweenMax.to(mc, 3, {bezierThrough:[{x:300, y:345}], orientToBezier:true, ease:Bounce.easeOut}); Thanks, Carin