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Found 3 results

  1. useLayoutEffect(() => { const animationContext = gsap.context(() => { const timeline = gsap.timeline(); const timelineButtonOff = gsap.timeline(); timeline.to(".landingOverlay", { opacity: 1, zIndex: 1, duration: 0.1, paused: isButtonClicked, ease: "none" }); timeline.to(marqueeDummy, { duration: 0.3, opacity: 0.4, }); const loopDummy = horizontalLoop(marqueeDummy, { repeat: -1, speed: 0.3, reversed: true }); const loop = horizontalLoop(marquee, { repeat: -1, speed: 0.3 }); timeline.add(loopDummy, 0.1); timeline.add(loop, 0); timelineButtonOff.to(".menuCarousel", { x: '-' + distance, ease: "none", scrollTrigger: { trigger: ".landingScreen", toggleActions: "restart pause reverse reset", start: "center 45%", end: "+=3000", scrub: 0.1, pin: true, pinSpacing: true, }, onReverseComplete: () => { setIsButtonClicked(false); timeline.play(); console.log('timeline has restarted'); } }); if (!isButtonClicked) { timeline.play(); } else { timeline.kill(); timelineButtonOff.play(); } }); return () => { animationContext.revert(); }; }, [isButtonClicked]); <div className='landingOverlay position-absolute' onWheel={handleButtonClick}> {/* landingOverlay content */} <button className='d-block rippleButton' onClick={handleButtonClick}><FaAngleDown /></button> </div> <div ref={landingScreenRef} className="landingScreen"> <div className={`marquee position-relative ${isButtonClicked ? '' : 'rotatedContainer'}`}> <div className="dummyCarousel d-flex flex-row"> {/* dummyCarousel content */} </div> <div className='my-4'> <div className='d-flex flex-row menuCarousel position-relative'> {/* menuCarousel content */} </div> </div> <div className='dummyCarousel d-flex flex-row'> {/* dummyCarousel content */} </div> </div> </div> I am trying to implement a marquee-like animation effect for a menu carousel on the landing screen. The isButtonClicked state changes from false to true when you do handleButtonClick and to false when you reverseCallback. When I reverseCallBack, the state of menuCarousel changes to original but not that of dummyCarousel. What am I doing wrong? Edit 1: I figured that the problem is in using reversed: true for the handleLoop function
  2. Hi there, New here (also new with gsap/react); I have made a side bar that slides out from the right side, I got the slide in animation to work but can't use .reverse() to reverse that animation. It immediately resets back to xPercent: 100 , instead of animating. Anyone here able to give me any pointers on how I should proceed? Small code snippet: const [menuOpen, setMenuOpen] = useState<boolean>(false); const [toggle, setToggle] = useState<boolean>(false); const handleToggle = () => { setToggle(!toggle); setMenuOpen(prev => !prev); }; const tl = gsap.timeline({ paused: true }); useEffect(() => { tl.fromTo('.hamburger__overlay', { xPercent: 100, duration: 1, }, { xPercent: 0, duration: 1, } ).reverse() tl.reversed(!toggle); }); (Dont mind the styling it's just a quick demo ) CodeSandbox link: https://codesandbox.io/s/sidebar-y45kf1
  3. Hi! I am using ScrollTrigger in React and I am experiencing the following problem: When I update any React State and I use scrub:1(or any number), the animation is reset and it is possible to see it jumping. This doesn't happen when scrubis set to true I've tried different methods available in the guides and read many forum topics but I haven't had success. I wonder if this is possible keep the position when there is a re-render? I'd appreciate any help Thanks in advance