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Found 5 results

  1. Hello good People! I have an issue with (apparently)`transform:rotate()` css in an animation where i use ScrollMagic which uses GSAP 2.x I can't reproduce exactly this on CodePen, yet can't add the 2.x version gsap js. Here is the current dev site: https://legopd22.iwanwilaga.com/ Please check the robot animation on scroll (with orange background) especially on iOS / apple devices. So it breaks on my old iphone6. Other android phone and desktop doing well on any browser i checked. Do you have hints please why this happens? I applied these css but didn't fix it. transform-origin:center!important; transform-box:fill-box!important; Using TweenMax(). and nested timelines function SVG_Vernie_Robot_Anim(){ let ctrl = new ScrollMagic.Controller(); var timeline_robot_inner_elements = new TimelineLite(); var timeline_robot_slide = new TimelineLite(); var timeline_master = new TimelineLite(); var robot = document.querySelector("svg#robot-vernie"); var robot_head = document.querySelector("g#Head_Vernie"); var robot_eyebrow_left = document.querySelector("g#Eyebrow_Left"); var robot_eyebrow_right = document.querySelector("g#Eyebrow_Right"); timeline_robot_slide .add(TweenMax.to(robot, 1, {transform:`translateX(${is_mobile ? 100 : 250}px) translateY(${is_mobile ? 25 : 0}px) rotate(-10deg) scale(1.5)`},0)) .add(TweenMax.to(robot_head, 1, {transform:'rotate(15deg)'},0)) ; timeline_robot_inner_elements .add(TweenMax.to(robot_eyebrow_left, 1, {transform:'rotate(-25deg)'},1)) .add(TweenMax.to(robot_eyebrow_right, 1, {transform:'rotate(25deg)'},1)) ; timeline_master .add(timeline_robot_slide,0) .add(timeline_robot_inner_elements,2) ; new ScrollMagic.Scene({ triggerElement: ".wp-block-getwid-section.szekcio-terkep", duration: 200, //px }) .setTween(timeline_master) .addTo(ctrl); } SVG_Vernie_Robot_Anim(); To me seems the problem is with rotation. Other `translate` properties work ok. Can you reproduce the same issue? Thank you so much! Best, Wiktor
  2. violet

    Animate SVG line

    Hello everyone, this is my first post so sorry if I'm wrong in something. I'm unable to create a Codepen but I've created a Codesandbox, I hope it's good anyway. What I want to do is very easy: animate an svg line tag. So I created a tweenMax.to animation but it seems not to work. Why? export const AnimatedLine = ({ x1, y1, x2, y2, ...props }) => { const lineRef = useRef(null) useEffect(() => { if (lineRef.current) { TweenMax.to(lineRef.current, 1, { x1: x1, y1: y1, x2: x2, y2: y2 }) } }, [x1, y1, x2, y2]) return <line ref={lineRef} x1={x1} y1={y1} x2={x2} y2={y2} {...props} /> } When I run it, I get:
  3. Hey everyone! So, this is my first time posting in the GSAP forums, as well as my first time posting in any coding forum at all, so I apologise if this is the wrong place for this kind of question. I am also veeeery new to GSAP. So basically, I'm trying the get a blob SVG to change shape every time the user clicks a button. The animation mostly works, however there seem to be a couple points that won't adhere to the animation rules I set, and change their position immediately instead of waiting to move with the rest of it. I am using arrays containing the new SVG path coordinates to pass values into the animation cycle, and perhaps my code is a very roundabout way of creating what I want, but for the most part that doesn't seem to be the issue. I have tried using a .fromTo() in case it was a problem with the initial point positions, and I have tried creating new SVGs making sure that I keep the same points to create the shapes, neither of which worked. If anyone can let me know what the issue is I would really appreciate the help! html: <button onclick="bubbleSVG()"> Blob </button> <svg width="50%" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" viewBox="0 0 1920 900"> <defs> <style> .cls-1{fill:url(#lg1);}.cls-2{fill:url(#lg2);}.cls-3{fill:url(#lg3);}.cls-4{fill:url(#lg4);} </style> <linearGradient id="lg1" x1="1728.025" y1="658.409" x2="1364.199" y2="294.583" gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"> <stop offset="0" id="color1" stop-color="#55cdff"/> <stop offset="1" id="color2" stop-color="#6aff6f"/> </linearGradient> <linearGradient id="lg2" x1="1304.47" y1="310.036" x2="1197.59" y2="203.155" xlink:href="#lg1"/> <linearGradient id="lg3" x1="1652.485" y1="179.608" x2="1520.717" y2="47.839" xlink:href="#lg1"/> <linearGradient id="lg4" x1="1381.572" y1="117.848" x2="1339.908" y2="76.184" xlink:href="#lg1"/> </defs> <g id="Bubbles1"> <path id="b1" class="cls-1" d="M1259,418c52.4-92.8,234-260,422-250,165.841,8.821,168,384,13,524-148.573,134.2-347,79-415-3S1211,503,1259,418Z"/> <path id="b2" class="cls-2" d="M1165,309c21.061,54.758,84,32,124,9s78-72,61-103-49-50-88-50S1140,244,1165,309Z"/> <path id="b3" class="cls-3" d="M1583,49c100.579-15.646,155-1,145,51-5.1,26.532-59,13-126,33-70.6,21.076-91,57-145,32S1493,63,1583,49Z"/> <path id="b4" class="cls-4" d="M1353,73c-35.308,7.305-29,38-5,46s39-1,43-15S1382,67,1353,73Z"/> </g> </svg> javascript: var BlobColor1 = ["#f28500","#030087","#0079ce","#ce49ff"]; var BlobColor2 = ["#ffb300","#001eb3","#00d9f9","#f971ff"]; var Blob1 = ["M1259,418c52.4-92.8,234-260,422-250,165.841,8.821,168,384,13,524-148.573,134.2-347,79-415-3S1211,503,1259,418Z","M1309,230c52.4-92.8,246.729-119.071,363,29,117,149,199.915,385.763-7,460-131,47-138.669-35.119-192-220C1428,343,1261,315,1309,230Z","M1305,216c115.142-183.181,489-137,348,89-100.279,160.73,241.217,149.425,82,301-125,119-347,146-455,29C1169.874,515.7,1195,391,1305,216Z","M1180,389c27.432-214.617,89.781-84.552,345-218,306-160,398,335,282,547-82.843,151.4-303-9-411-126C1285.874,472.7,1163,522,1180,389Z"]; var Blob2 = ["M1165,309c21.061,54.758,84,32,124,9s78-72,61-103-49-50-88-50S1140,244,1165,309Z","M1309,581c21.061,54.758,88,64,128,41s-9-94-26-125-49-50-88-50S1284,516,1309,581Z","M1561,794c21.061,54.758,149,18,240-34,104.838-59.908,58.919-85.024,25-95-51-15-87.395.807-165,36C1575,740,1536,729,1561,794Z","M1755,164c34,23,73.208,32.127,100-12,17-28-11.162-57.01-34-84-22-26-67.2-39.09-90,0C1703,116,1731.986,148.432,1755,164Z"]; var Blob3 = ["M1583,49c100.579-15.646,155-1,145,51-5.1,26.532-59,13-126,33-70.6,21.076-91,57-145,32S1493,63,1583,49Z","M1767,163c81,69,127.446,142.778,45,149-53,4-46-21-97-82-26.694-31.928-118.783-64.3-109-123C1615,53,1697.664,103.936,1767,163Z","M1814,286c13,58,46.62,92.25,27,116-19,23-65,66-116,5-26.694-31.928-38.441-62.305-15-117C1737,227,1805.241,246.92,1814,286Z","M1495,97c-5.635,59.171-68.738,39.864-130,95-50,45-111,44-120-6-9.771-54.282,87.559-15.305,111-70C1383,53,1501,34,1495,97Z"]; var Blob4 = ["M1353,73c-35.308,7.305-29,38-5,46s39-1,43-15S1382,67,1353,73Z","M1249,346c-35.308,7.305-33.51,53.684-12,67,21,13,72,2,76-12S1278,340,1249,346Z","M1239,95c-35.308,7.305-15.51,71.684,6,85,21,13,80-7,84-39C1333.246,107.03,1268,89,1239,95Z","M1252,571c-35.308,7.3-15.51,71.684,6,85,21,13,80-7,84-39C1346.246,583.03,1281,565,1252,571Z"]; var counter = 1; function bubbleSVG() { console.log(counter); TweenMax.to("#color1", 1, { stopColor: BlobColor1[counter], ease: Expo.easeOut, }) TweenMax.to("#color2", 1, { stopColor: BlobColor2[counter], ease: Expo.easeOut, }) TweenMax.to("#b1", 1, { attr: {d: Blob1[counter]}, ease: Elastic.easeInOut, }) TweenMax.to("#b2", 1, { attr: {d: Blob2[counter]}, ease: Elastic.easeInOut, }) TweenMax.to("#b3", 1, { attr: {d: Blob3[counter]}, ease: Elastic.easeInOut, }) TweenMax.to("#b4", 1, { attr: {d: Blob4[counter]}, ease: Elastic.easeInOut, }) counter += 1; if (counter > 3) { counter = 0; } };
  4. I want to copy a text from one box to another box. without actually loosing it from the source box. help needed!!
  5. function yoyo():void{ TweenMax.killTweensOf(yoyo_MC); yoyo_MC.x = 0; yoyo_MC.sndTicker.text = ""+snd.id3.artist; yoyo_MC.sndTicker.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT; var xWidth = int(yoyo_MC.width)-193; TweenMax.to(yoyo_MC, 3, {x:-xWidth, y:155, ease:Sine.easeInOut, repeat:-1, yoyo:true}); } Hi guys I have a mp3 tag text scroller left to right with tweenmax.to .... ..but I cant seem to get it to start at with the left side of text finishing at left point of window x=0, and the right side finishing in the end of the right window x=193. so the text is yo-yoing inside the window. I tried loads of ways but to no avail ... heres what I have that does work but not as I would like Thanks in advance Steven