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  1. Hi there, I am trying to use ThrowPropsPlugin, I'm using canvas, so I can't use Draggable. I want to give my x and y 'end' property an array of end positions to throw to, but these positions are not arranged in a grid.. they are at different regions of the page. Because I want to be able to throw to various offset regions on the page,,, snapping to a grid using the 'topNotches' and 'leftNotches' arrays in the example isn't good for me. You mention that we can provide a function instead, but I can only give the function the x or y value as the parameter.. so the function in x's 'en
  2. Hello i'm working with Draggable and the ThrowPropsPlugin - they are fantastic! However I have a problem. How can I get the final x, y position of the dragged object? When dragEnd is outside the boundery, ThrowProps will move the object back inside the boundery (very nice!) but where does it stopp? I'm working on a kind of mouse-follower, where one object follows the draggable one.
  3. i need to control my background scrollview with strict rectangle , i don't need the ease effect to let the background scroll out of rectangle . i need easing just inside the rectangle , i mean i need start point and end point to my background .
  4. I have an instructions screen that I would like to be able to just flick off the screen. I was thinking about trying to implement the ThrowPropsPlugin into starling, but figured I would ask here first to see if anyone has successfully done this, as I know you can't use MouseEvents with starling, so it would have to be changed to the starling touchEvent. Thanks!
  5. Hi I would like to kill the ThrowPropsPlugin when the user click on a button. Couldn't find in the API document http://www.greensock.com/as/docs/tween/com/greensock/plugins/ThrowPropsPlugin.html Just wondering is there a way you work it around? Thanks