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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I'm experiencing a problem with SWFLoader. not even sure of what it might be, since it does not happen to everyone. here http://www.avatakpagaie.com you can find the application I built, if you click the first item inside the withe menu on the right, "il grip", you should see an animation, between two blocks of text. fact is, not everyone can see it. for instance, my client (so I can't ask my money, if it's not working...), me and a couple of others. for instance, I'm using Safari, Firefox and Chrome on a MacBook Pro and can't sse the animation, but a friend of mine, who uses Safari and Chrome on a Mac, can see the animation. so it's not about the platform or browser. and locally, works like a charm, taking the loaded swf from a webserver. this is the code I'm using var swfLoader:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader(loadersArray[0], {name:"singleSWF",onComplete:imageLoaded,autoPlay:true}); swfLoader.load(); where "loadersArray[0]" is a String with the file name, plus this in the onComplete function var mcTemp:MovieClip = event.target.rawContent; mcTemp.play(); can't understand why this is happening, knowing that it was working fine, just a couple of days ago. thanks in advance for the help.