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  1. Hello, I´m trying to make a simple pinch zoom image scroll app in Adobe Air Mobile for Android and ios. I always having the same issue when I try to pinch the image zoom in and I activate the blitmask. I don´t have problems making this part. But when I pinch to zoom out, the image moves to different x and y coordinates, and sometimes the image disappears. IThe image upon zoom out moves off-center and doesn´t return to position zero. I know there is something in the blitmask that changes these values, but I´m not sure what exactly is going wrong. I always use blitmask.update() and enable or disable bitmapMode. Does anyone have an example for Flash with pinch zoom gestures with ThrowProps + blitMask? Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, From time to time I get wierd rendering artifacts in Google Chrome when using TweenMax. They only appear in Chrome, so I'm pretty sure its a bug in that particular browser, but I'd really like to get rid of them. Does this only happen to me? Does anyone know a hack to git rid of these artifacts? There's a live demo of the issue here: http://ahrengot.com/...round/tweenmax/ ... Click anywhere to animate the box and see the issue. And here's a screenshot of the artifacts:
  3. Hello, I have difficulty using the TransformManager.SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT feature. Perhaps I have not understood the documentation or this is not the mission of this feature. What I want is to scale an object containing text that the text does not scale, eg import com.greensock.transform.TransformManager; import com.greensock.transform.TransformItem; import com.greensock.events.TransformEvent; var _manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager({hasSelectableTex:true}); var item:TransformItem = _manager.addItem(textBox,TransformManager.SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT,true);//textBox is a movieClip that contains a text field item.addEventListener (TransformEvent.SCALE, onUpdateItem); function onUpdateItem (event:TransformEvent):void { trace (textBox.width,textBox.height,textBox.scaleX,textBox.scaleY); } I appreciate your help I attach a basic example of what I try to do. [Deleted example because it contained TransformManager files, thus granting free access to anyone in the forums]
  4. Hi, I am really enjoying using this library and am fairly new to using the javascript version. I am having some problems with the css scale. I am trying to scale a div with a background image. They syntax I am using is TweenMax.to( $('.hero'), 1, {css:{scaleX:1.5,scaleY:1.5}, ease:Quad.easeInOut}) when the animation happens the div just disappears but only in IE7 and IE8, works perfect in everything else. Is my syntax incorrect? Thanks for any help anyone can offer, Travis
  5. Hi again, OK so I need some help once more. I've ran into an issue where trying to add bounds is causing odd behavior. If I set the bounds to the full size, the bound drag/scale behavior works as expected, but the movieclips I'm trying to transform get compacted into a smaller scale version of my product area when it's loaded (almost like it's trying to enforce the bounds without the scale that is applied to the parent MC of the added objects). However, if I apply the scale multiplier to the bounds, then the movieclips appear in their correct locations, but they can be dragged far off to the right and bottom. I guess my confusion and question on all of this is: is there a way to set the manager to reside in a particular movieclip so it picks up the scale of it? Or do i need to do something else? Here is part of my code that's related to this issue, with some lengthy parts commented out to explain what they're doing. This is AS3 in a Flex application (the dataProvider.layouts contains a bunch of layer nodes of parsed XML that contains text and image objects) public var manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager(); private var _layoutCanvas:Canvas; public function renderPanel():void { var xScale:Number = _panelSprite.width / _dataProvider.width; var yScale:Number = _panelSprite.height / _dataProvider.height; layoutCanvas.scaleX = xScale; //I also tried to apply these scales at the end of all the code, it didn't help layoutCanvas.scaleY = yScale; var layout:LayoutVO = _dataProvider.layouts.getItemAt(0) as LayoutVO; for( var i:int = 0; i < layout.layers.length; ++i ) { var layer:LayerVO = layout.layers.getItemAt(i) as LayerVO; var region:EditableRegion; //extends UIComponent switch( layer.type ) { case "text": var textVO:TextVO = layer.content as TextVO; var textRegion:TextRegion = new TextRegion(); //extends EditableRegion region = textRegion; break; case "image": var imageVO:ImageVO = layer.content as ImageVO; var imageRegion:ImageRegion = new ImageRegion(); //extends EditableRegion region = imageRegion; break; } if( region ) { var position:PositionVO = layer.frame.position; region.x = position.xOffset; region.y = position.yOffset; region.width = position.width; region.height = position.height; region.dataProvider = layer; layoutCanvas.addChild( region ); editableRegionsArray[i] = region; if(layer.movable) { var tmItem:TransformItem = manager.addItem(region); tmItem.addEventListener(TransformEvent.SELECT, checkContents); tmItem.addEventListener(TransformEvent.RELEASE_CURSOR, tmOnRelease); } } } //Transform Manager options setup var boundsRect:Rectangle = new Rectangle(_dataProvider.boundsPosition.xOffset, _dataProvider.boundsPosition.yOffset, _dataProvider.boundsPosition.width, (_dataProvider.boundsPosition.height)); manager.bounds = boundsRect; manager.constrainScale = true; manager.hideCenterHandle = true; manager.forceSelectionToFront = false; } So, basically, this rect: var boundsRect:Rectangle = new Rectangle(_dataProvider.boundsPosition.xOffset, _dataProvider.boundsPosition.yOffset, _dataProvider.boundsPosition.width, (_dataProvider.boundsPosition.height)); Makes the bounds BEHAVIOR as expected, but jacks up the placement of the editableRegions. and this Rect (or no bounds set at all) results in the editableRegions being placed correctly, BUT then the bounds at the right and bottom bounds are WAY off the expected edge. var boundsRect:Rectangle = new Rectangle(_dataProvider.boundsPosition.xOffset, _dataProvider.boundsPosition.yOffset, (_dataProvider.boundsPosition.width*xScale), (_dataProvider.boundsPosition.height*xScale)); So, do you have any idea have I can get the bounds behavior to be scaled correctly with the layoutCanvas, which is scaled and has the displayObjects added to it? I tried to add the bounds before the objects were added to the manager and that didn't change anything. I can give more info if needed.