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  1. I'll spare the kudos for now, but seriously, you guys rock! I think there is an issue/bug with Android and rotation. But there is an exception which is baffling me... TweenMax.min.js version: beta 1.33 (also tried 1.29) Motorola Atrix - Android 2.3.6 Droid 2 - Not sure what version Android You can view the issue using examples in the Greensock JS zip file... greensock-v12-js/examples/falling_text.html - The letters do not rotate on Android (two devices) greensock-v12-js/examples/super_basic_syntax.html - Near the end, the divs should rotate. Doesn't work on Android. I even se
  2. Hello, I've got this code: leanLeftTween = TweenMax.to(trapecista, 1, { rotation: -10, ease:Linear.easeNone } ); leanRightTween = TweenMax.to(trapecista, 1, { rotation: +10, ease:Linear.easeNone } ); leanBackLTween = TweenLite.to(trapecista, 1, { rotation: 0, ease:Linear.easeNone } ); leanBackRTween = TweenLite.to(trapecista, 1, { rotation: 0, ease:Linear.easeNone } ); var tremble:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax( { repeat: -1 } ); tremble.append(leanLeftTween); tremble.append(leanBackLTween); tremble.append(leanRightTween); tremble.append(leanBackRTween); TweenLite.delayedCall(1,upd
  3. This is probably an edge case so it's not a huge deal, but thought I would report this as I spent the past few hours figuring it out... My PhoneGap (Cordova) iPad app allows orientation changing in all four directions. 1 = home button bottom 2 = home button top 3 = home button right 4 = home button left For each orientation I use GSAP to rotate an element so that the top of that element always points to the home button. This worked in all variations except when rotating from 3 or 4 to 1. When rotating to orientation 1 I was using rotation:0 Changing rotation:0 to rotation:
  4. Hi, I couldnt find an answer to this on the forums. Appologies if a similar thread exists. I am as my name suggests; new to greensock and flash-programming. Current code is working and moves the "hero" up and down to fixed locations in my game: private function keyPressed(event:KeyboardEvent):void { if (oppnedcount <2 && event.keyCode==38) { if (oppnedcount == 0) { oppnedcount++; TweenLite.to(hero, 0.3, {y:(421)}); } else { oppnedcount++; TweenLite.to(hero, 0.3, {y:(365)}); } } if (oppnedcount > 0 && event.keyCode==40) { if (oppnedcount == 2) { oppnedcou
  5. Hey all, I understand that TweenMax simulates flash behaviour and always rotates to the nearest point, but I'm having some problems in some ocassions, I'm not exactly sure why... I have a movieclip that has an initial rotation of -161, I want it to rotate to 147. Ok, so with some basic calculations give me the following: A ClockWise ROTATION: - Would take 308 degrees. A CounterClockWise ROTATION: - Would take 51 degrees. However, when I rotate the movieclip it rotates ClockWise direction, which would take longer. What am I missing here? What I did: Pla
  6. Hey guys, I've been a long-time user of the Greensock platform, however I am having trouble getting the desired effect in Javascript. The issue is a follows: I have a prize wheel (a la wheel of fortune) which has 16 parts. The user clicks a button to spin the wheel and the wheel spins for a set duration (to match a sound effect). The landing (prize) location of the rotation is determined by the server and that all works. While I can get the wheel to land at the proper, pre-determined, positions, I can't get it to do so smoothly. My poor attempt is below. Now I know this is not the
  7. Hi all I am using the throwprops tween and want I want to achieve is that when the dial is spinned that it ease out to the closes segment of my dial on the 12 o clock position that is in 30 deg segments. Then also if I just press on the 3 o clock segment it should rotate to the 12 o clock position. Is this possible with the throwprops tween? Any help would be highly appriciated.
  8. I have had no luck getting an element to rotate, or take any transform properties, below IE9. I see documentation all over the place stating that the code works but I haven't seen a working example and can't get it to work on my own. I've tried using the CSSPlugin and the RaphelPlugin. Both with no luck and unfortunatly no errors in the wonderful ie debugger. A working example would be great if anyone has a link to one.
  9. Hi there, i'm about to switch to Starling Framework for my new projects. For a game i animated an object with autorotate=true like this so far (simplified): points = [new Point(50, 35), new Point(500, 35), new Point(500, 300)]; path = new LinePath2D(points); var f:PathFollower = path.addFollower(object, 0, true, 90); tween = TweenMax.to(f, time, {progress: 1, onUpdate:onUpdateTween, ease:Linear.easeNone}); The object started with an initial rotation of 90° to the right and after reaching the 2nd point it was rotated again by 90° for reaching the final point. Now with Starling
  10. Hi, here is one I hope simple problem. I`m using tweenlite to simple rotate some stuff and then to trigger some sound when wheel reach a certain position: TweenLite.to(_myWheel, _speed, {rotation:_suspension + (_pieIndex * _pieAngle), immediateRender:true, useFrames:false, ease:easeFunct, onUpdate:playTickSound }); private function playTickSound ():void { trace (Math.round(_myWheel.rotation)); _isWhole = (Math.round(_myWheel.rotation) / Math.round(_pieAngle)) % 1 == 0; if (_isWhole) playSimpleSound(); } To exactly calculate _isWhole
  11. Hello, I have the following code: $(document).live('keydown',function(event){ var key = event.keyCode; if(key==39){ TweenMax.to($("#hero"),0.1,{css:{'left':$("#hero").position().left+40}}); } else if(key==37){ TweenMax.to($("#hero"),0.1,{css:{'left':$("#hero").position().left-40}}); } else if(key==38){ TweenMax.to($("#hero"),0.3,{css:{'rotation':-30}}); TweenMax.to($("#hero"),0.1,{css:{'top':$("#hero").position().top-10}}); TweenMax.to($("#hero"),0.6,{css:{'rotation':0}}); } else if(key==40){ TweenMax.to($("#hero"),0.1,{css:{'top':$("#hero").position().top+10,'r
  12. I searched around the forums but could not find any post that could help me so my apologies if it has been answered before. Basically I have a clock type arm that spins to different positions depending on what the user selects. It spins just like a clock arm, its pivot being at the end of the arm. Everything works fine except that the arm should only rotate clockwise, never counter-clockwise. So on some values the user selects the arm spins in the opposite direction, sometimes oddly enough even if the opposite direction is not the closest distance it will still spin that way. I just need t