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Found 4 results

  1. I am having an issue with elements not animating unless they are in the viewport or unless I resize the browser. https://cantoncc.wpengine.com/amenities/ I had this same issue when I tried to use animate on scroll AOS
  2. Hey everyone, I am doing my first steps with GSAP right now. I am using it with Kirby and try to trigger some scroll events. I startet with the simple gsap.to(".box", { scrollTrigger: ".box", // start the animation when ".box" enters the viewport (once) x: 500 }); Unfortunately, the animation is only triggered when I resize the browser window. How can I fix this? Any hint is appreciated?
  3. Hi, I have a big problem on every project when I resize the window. What should I do with each timeline or tween on resize? I need to have the same effect. And I need an advice, how to make (see my topic) on scroll, to have for horizontal lines the same position, relative to those titles? Thanks!
  4. It seems I can use "manager.selectedTargetObjects" to change dropShadowFilter, color, opacity and so many other things. but I cant seem to get it to resize an item. when i click my button, the bitmap inside the holder resizes and snaps back when you click on the item again. but if i was to put a drop shadow on the same way it works on the holder.. Any help would be most appreciated. fit_in.buttonMode = true; fit_in.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fitwindow); function fitwindow(e: MouseEvent): void { var myh = stage.stageHeight - 57.7; var myw = stage.stageWidth; var items: Array = manager.selectedTargetObjects; var stageCenter_x:Number = stage.stageWidth/2; var stageCenter_y:Number = stage.stageHeight/2; var picCenter_x:Number = items.width/2; var picCenter_y:Number = items.height/2; items.x = stageCenter_x - picCenter_x; items.y = stageCenter_y - picCenter_y; for (var i: int = 0; i < items.length; i++) { TweenLite.to(items.target, 0.75,{x:picCenter_x, y:picCenter_y, width:myw, height:myh}); } }