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Found 1 result

  1. One really nice way to clean up your HTML is to get rid of inline SVGs and opt of object tags like this: <object id="mySVG" type="image/svg+xml" data="images/PrettyArt.svg"></object> The problem with this, is that it is technically a separate document. So the following doesn't work... TweenMax.to("#myObject",.5,{opacity:1}); It would just fail to animate, and worse, it would fail silently so I had no clue why it was failing! To make this easier to handle, it might be nice to either have some sort of logging if it doesn't find the queried object. OR the ability to either include a specific target document to query. One way to achieve this, would be to "register" the SVG document with TweenMax. Something like this: TweenMax.register("#mySVG"); In this case, TweenMax would query the current document for "#mySVG", it would find the object tag and include this document to also traverse if no objects were found in the root document. Obviously, this would work great for including one document, but multiple documents per page could be used. And that would muddy up the results of the query selector. So maybe another strategy should be used instead. What if you could force which document you want to select from... for example what if you could add a fourth/optional argument? Like this: TweenMax.to("#myObject",.5,{opacity:0},"#mySVG"); This would allow you to optionally include another document or a list of documents to query.