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  1. squxd

    SVG Hover Animation

    1st post and it's a little rough... - I've been trying to create some hover animations on an SVG lately. Take a look at the codepen link (hover on x) to see where I'm at... My goal is to hover on the "X" and have the "A" flip/rotateY(180deg) to reveal. And when the mouse is off, have the "X" flip back. I will also mention/ask for further help having the diamond animate up and then back down relating directly to the hover of the "X". notes: - I know the "X" and "A" svg <path d=> are what is causing the width to be so far apart on rotation. This is to have the "X" in the correct placement within the file. (I have tried 'cropping' the SVG of "X" and "A" but the position/location is off. Question: - can I set a rotation orgin point manually? or do you think I should even be using more JS/GSAP to accomplish these effects? *There are actually even more interactions I have thought up - however they can wait until this problem is resolved, Thanks for ANY & ALL help! (I haven't found many examples of SVG hover animations)
  2. Hi everyone, in simple words here is what I'm trying to achieve: Start an infinite animation when the user hover a div Pause the animation when the user leave, but after the animation is completed. I recreated a codepen as you can see, when I go out of the svg, the animation goes to the end but after it doesn't start anymore. ps: I tried to add play(0) but it will play once (probably because of the callback onRepeat) EDIT: while posting I had an idea and looks like it works I just remove the onRepeat callback on the mouseEnter in this way: $("svg").hover(function() { hoverDog.play(); hoverDog.eventCallback("onRepeat", function(){}); }, function() { hoverDog.eventCallback("onRepeat", function(){ hoverDog.pause();}); });
  3. Hi guys, Super new to js and gsap. I have two separate animations for mouseenter and mouseleave. If you hover over the target quickly (not allowing the hover to complete), the animation will not play correctly after the first hover. If you hover slowly and allow the both animations to completely finish on the first go, both animations will play correctly thereafter no matter how quickly the hover is triggered. What I'm I missing here? http://codepen.io/Aleccc/pen/KzZWqP
  4. Hi, I am trying to get the animation to play back to its original position when the cursor leaves the button. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello everyone, I've just started learning GSAP and jQuery today with the help of ihatetomatoes and this excellent forum. I'm trying to make a hover-able floor plan map that displays information on the currently-hovered room. So far in my proof-of-concept, I have implemented this using TweenMax's hover and TextPlugin. I just have a question about implementing the rest of the map. Instead of individually making a separate function for each block, is there a more elegant way to implement an array so that when you hover over a shape, it changes hoverText to an assigned message? I also plan to have buttons to switch between floors of the building, but I'm assuming that won't affect how the array should be constructed. Thank you very much for the help, and apologies if there's unnecessary fluff in my codepen.
  6. Hi, I am pretty new to GSAP. I may make a pretty stupid question. What I want to do is when I hover in an element, it triggers a Timeline animation. And When i hover out, it triggers another one. Problem is when the hover-in animation not finished and i hover out, the hover-out animation would have to wait the hover-in animation to finish. And if i hove in and out so many times, it will trigger so many in and out animations. What i want is when hover out, it would stop the hover-in animation and start the hover-out animation. Here is the demo code: http://codepen.io/DanielYKPan/pen/XXREZb Again, i may make a stupid question and hope someone could help.
  7. In my last post I was struggeling with getting an on click event work within an svg image. This problem is solved, but now I'm struggeling with getting a hover to work. Here is what I my code to do: When you press one of the buttons, for example $yellowbutton, all the colored blocks except for the $yellowblock will get opacity 0. $yellowblock will get opacity 1. This is the part that is allready working. Now what I want it to do is when a button is pressed and thus a certain colored block is shown, when hovered over this block it enlarges. The code I've used to get this to work is based on this codepen demo. For now, only the orange block is working, but this might be because the orange block is the first visible block in the svg image.
  8. Hey all! I'm trying to animate some pagination elements we have on a company site redesign and am running into some scoping issues (I think). I will start by saying my JS-fu is not great so it's highly possible this isn't so much a GSAP problem as it is a jQuery problem. You can see the core HTML / SCSS here - http://codepen.io/geebru/pen/avRbzw/ And the JS I'm attempting here: // Pagination // Get pagination items function pagerAnimate(play) { console.log("pagerAnimate Activated"); var $this = $(this); var pagerIcon = $this.find('.pagination__icon'); var pagerArrow = $this.find('.pagination__icon__arrow'); var pagerFill = $this.find('.pagination__icon__fill'); var pagerInfo = $this.find('.pagination__info'); var pagerTimelineCore = new TimelineLite(); pagerTimelineCore.to(pagerIcon, '.3', {scaleY: '2'}) .to(pagerArrow, '.3', {scaleY: '.5'}, '-=.3') .to(pagerFill, '.3', {x: '0'}); if (play === 'play') { console.log("pagerTimeline Play"); pagerTimelineCore.play(); } else if (play === 'reverse') { console.log("pagerTimeline Reverse"); pagerTimelineCore.reverse(); } } $('.pagination--previous').hover(function () { pagerAnimate('play'); }, function () { pagerAnimate('reverse'); }); $('.pagination--next').hover(function () { pagerAnimate('play'); }, function () { pagerAnimate('reverse'); }); Basically what I'm trying to achieve is to run the Timeline (forward or backwards) based on hover. The tricky part was getting the $(this) declarations per pagination (previous and next) and playing it forward on mouseIn and reversing on mouseOut. The console.log's in there are firing properly, but nothing is animating and I'm getting no errors. Any help would be awesome as GSAP is saving my butt on some of the designer requested animations on our site Thanks! PS - Apologies if this has been asked, but my Google-fu and searching here led me nowhere.
  9. Hello! I am new to GSAP but though I read the beginning documentation and watched the getting started video, my first attempt at learning GSAP is not going well. I'm not certain how to even begin with it, but going to be giving it a shot! My HTML: <div class="section"> <h3>Section 1</h3> <p>There's some text and what not in this section.</p> <div class="editMenu"> <ul class="editList"> <li><a href="#">Edit</a></li> <li><a href="#">Remove</a></li> </ul> </div><!-- /editMenu --> </div><!-- /section --> My script: $(document).ready(function () { //hover over Section, make editMenu opacity = 1, scale = 1 //on mouseOut, make editMenu opacity = 1, scale = .7 $(".section").hover(function () { var editMenu = $(this).find(".editmenu"); TweenMax.to(editMenu, 0.2, { css: { opacity: 1 } }); }, function(){ var editMenu = $(this).find(".editmenu"); TweenMax.to(editMenu, 0.2, { css: { opacity: 0 } }); } ); }); The CSS I am somehow assuming is screwing things up: .editMenu{ position: absolute; top: 10px; right: 5px; opacity: 0; transform: scale(.7); } I'm assuming I'm missing something simple! Thank you for any help.
  10. I am using TweenLite.to to change a path when a clipped svg is hovered. I change the cursor on mouseover event (which triggers the Tween). I would like to "reset" the cursor (to default) when the tween is done, but tween seems to be modeless, so execution follows downstream. How can I handle this? thanks
  11. Hi all, In the codepen attached I have a menu prototype that i'm building. As you can see there are a few actions on the hover state of the red open / close button. I have a timeline firing the circles behind the actual hit state and a separate action firing the SVG path state. The thing that's really bugging me and i'm at a serious loss to figure out is that once you click the open button and the timeline to open the button fires - the hover state stays in the position the button was originally (unless you move the cursor then the SVG goes back to it's normal state and the timeline to show the circles reverses. I'm not sure this is directly a GSAP question, but if any of you kind souls could please assist me - i'm going crazy here! Cheers
  12. $(".iSmall, .shrink").on("click", function() { if (circle.reversed()) { circle.play(); } else { circle.reverse(); } }); Regarding above ^ Where and how do you add in a line to kill the hover to start the click? The hover conflicts with the timeline... It seems this would be a very common issue since a majority of clickable links have hover effects, but I have found less material on this on the web than the career of Milli Vanilli. Maybe not that many links are actually the element that is animated. Also, I think it must be done differently with tweens and timelines because even the few examples I have found (to unbind the hover state on click) didn't work at all. So if you go to my codepen, there's a main vertical Nav with a link near the top with the text "Shrink." and there is a squashed looking mobile nav in the top left corner with the middle link reading, "SMALL - LG" They are both linked to the same timeline you will find in the js window. On the main Nav, the hover state conflicts because it happens to be the element that is going to be animated. On the little mobile Nav, there is no conflict because the link isn't in a timeline. Please Note that the animation is not working correctly on the Pen and things looked squished in general, but that shouldn't matter in answering - as I'm looking for a general answer on how this is done. I welcome any answers or input as I am new to jQuery, Greensock, and writing forums. . . also computers and electricity and reading/writing. LOL seems that way, Thanks in advance anybody who answers.
  13. lets say I have this: div{ transition: translate .25s; } div:hover{ transform: translateY(100px); } How would I replicate a simple hover effect with GSAP? Start animation on hover, and reverse it on mouseout, and enable them to be interruptible?. Well yeah exactly how hovers work with CSS.
  14. Hey, i cant seem to find a way or an example of how to replay an animation like this one, any help would be highly appreciated Heres a link to codepen of the animation i want to restart on hover: http://codepen.io/acronamy/pen/QwmdBL
  15. Hi all, This is my first time posting on these forums. I'm a regular browser but have yet to post! First off - love Greensock. It has transformed how I go about building and designing websites and applications due to the power of it. It really is awesome! My question today is quite broad, but if possible i'd love somebody to point me in the right direction as to how to complete it. I was wondering what's the best method to use a hover state to navigate around a div, both horizontally and vertically through CSS transforms. Would you have to give the div a strict width and height then navigate around that? The effect I'm looking to replicate is used here - http://www.jakobdeboer.com/gallery/series/ which i've noticed uses tweenmax to scroll through the div. I know this isn't a very specific question, but if somebody could point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful. Thanks, Oliver
  16. If you look at the codepen example, you'll see that, once you hover out, the animation delays for about 1 second before playing the reverse animation. I also noticed that I am getting a jagged animation.
  17. I'm using the greensock animation library to animate the translateZ property of an image. This is my code: $("<img />") .attr({ src: piece, class: "pieces" }) .hover(function() { tl.to($(this), 1, {transform:"translateZ(1px)"})}, function() { tl.fromTo($(this), 1, {transform: "translateZ(0px)"}) }) .load(function () { _stageElement.append($(this)); }) } But instead of stopping at 5px it flies completely off the screen. Does anyone know what's happening here and why? Also if it's important after the image flies off the screen, it comes back to its original location, but the hover property doesn't have any effect anymore. I'm not sure if this is a greensock issue or a jquery issue. Here's an example to see what I mean http://richbaird.net/3dFlip/fip.html
  18. Hi there, I'm animating a few thumbnails for a website, you can check out a quick version i adapted for codepen, so you can see what i'm trying to archive. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/ABvqm What i'd like to add to this, would be an effect on the other thumbnails apart from the one that the user is hovering. For instance, you rollOver on the thumbnail 1, the thumbnail 1 gets its rollover animation alongside with the other fading out for example. I put my animation inside this function, so i'm not sure how to target the other elements. $(".thumb a").each(function(index, element){} Cheers, Thales
  19. Hi, first post. Hope i haven't overlooked something obvious. I have a series of 'cards' (divs w/ front and back) that look similar to this pen: http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/yzahJ except the flips all happen on a timeline instead of on hover. what we want is, in the middle of the timeline (which sequentially flips 8 cards), we want to be able to have a user hover, and stop that one card from flipping, and change its opacity. right now, all 8 cards are run together on one single timeline (b/c we need tight control of timing), so i don't know if i need put them onto their own timelines or something. Any pointers or clues would be much appreciated on how i could allow the single hovered card to drop out of the timeline and change its opacity, while still allowing the other cards to keep their animation/flipping happening. Thanks! m
  20. Hey there Greensock Guys, I've got a small brainteaser I could use some of your assistance with So I've got a site with a nav that is using good old CSS transitions to achive a hover effect. I've stripped it back and created a simple copy you can check here: http://webslinger.com.au/GS_hover_test/test_1/index.html So in an effort to make the animation accesible across the board (*ahemcough* for older IE browsers) I just tweaked the nav a little and used the GSAP to achieve the same thing: http://webslinger.com.au/GS_hover_test/test_2/index.html However when you move the mouse cursor from the menu header or its empty space on to an sub-menu title it's tripping the mouseout function, and there's a slight hiccup in height every time you move to a new list item. Now I know you typically run into this problem with hovers (as opposed to clicking) and I've managed to get around it for the most part, and I've tried a couple of different approaches - like putting a delay on the mouseout, so when you rollover a sub-menu title the hiccup essentially never happens - but haven't been successful. Tried to do a bit of digging and homework first, plenty on Flash/AS forums about this, but nothing I could find for JS, appreciate any input you boys can give. Cheers
  21. I not sure this is the right way to do it or not, basically what I want to do is when hover over the div, the paragraph will move down and the title will turn green with class added to it. then when hover out the exact reverse will occur. My problem now is that when I hover over and out multiple times swiftly and land my cursor within the div, the mouseenter animation will not trigger, but when I move my cursor out again and move back in then it will back to normal... What seem to be the problem actually? Here is my code: http://codepen.io/vincentccw/pen/rpIgD
  22. Grrrr! I'm fighting with that: var greenPulse = $("#bsBox5"); var tl4 = new TweenMax.fromTo(greenPulse, 0.7, { boxShadow: "0px 0px 0px 0px rgba(0,255,0,0.3)" }, { boxShadow: "0px 0px 20px 10px rgba(0,255,0,0.7)", repeat: -1, yoyo: true, ease: Linear.easeNone }); tl4.pause(); var tl5 = new TweenMax.to(greenPulse, 0.5, {backgroundColor:"black"}); A sample from here http://www.greensock.com/css3/ but I want to use with a mouseenter/leave action, how can I do that, when mouseleave, animation looping ends greenPulse.mouseenter(function(){ tl4.play(); }); // start looping greenPulse.mouseleave(function(){ tl4.resume({from:1,suppressEvents:false}); // HERE! how it ends in the same direction, not reverse });
  23. Hello there, I have problems with my Tweens, when I'm animating them on hover like this: $(this).find("a.handler").on("mouseenter.action mouseover.action", function () { if (globals.menu_item_hover_complete) // Animate current element item_hover.timeScale(1).play(); console.log("hovered"); }).on("mouseleave.action mouseout.action", function () { // Reverse animation item_hover.timeScale(1.5).reverse(); }); These Tweens on chrome sometime lag and from opacity: 1 animates to opacity: 0.060008 (it hsould be 0) and sometimes when I'm tweening opacity:1 and top: 70, it sticks to top: 70 and just tweens opacity. What is the best way to use Tweens for hovering animations?
  24. Hello everybody, My brain loops!! I create a mouseover whith Adobe Edge and TweenMax, thats not the problem, but inside this symbol there is an element which also should work with mouseover TweenMax. But it does not work well. The symbol: //mouseover TweenMax.to(sym.$("bilder"),3,{css:{y:0, scale:1}, ease:Expo.easeOut}); the element inside the symbol: //mouseover TweenMax.to(sym.$("blue02"),0.4,{css:{scale:1, opacity:0.5}}); example: http://go-motion.net/edge/men/menue.html download: http://go-motion.net/edge/men.zip Any help would be great. THX Oliver from Germany
  25. Guest

    Grow and Colorize on hover

    Hello, How would I achieve this in the JS version? http://www.snorkl.tv/2012/02/new-custom-class-for-grow-and-colorize-effect/#more-1575 Thanks, Zach