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  1. Hi once again, I am trying to create infinite movement, but have to problems and don't have enough experience to understand what's going on. Changing ease: "power1.in" to ease: "back.inOut(1.7)" - second one not works, however first one plays well. All squares created at once before movement started, however I need to create them one by one (when carousel shifted add new square). The problem is, when I tried to call addSquare(6) in onStart, or any other place - squares created, but they don't move( Hope u could advice where I need to look. Thanks a lot for your time!
  2. Hello, i found some slider using Gsap but i want to modify it with timelines. My goal is when i start scrolling my slide scroll and set rotation to 0 I tried to combine it with timeline but it jumps or anims end when i didnt scroll yet. Without timeline all of them rotates at the same time.
  3. I want to create a parent div with 80% of screen width, and inside of that there should be mini square colorful divs, now the functionality i want it to drag though them inside of that parent div, and see all the divs because there'll be so much divs so it will be hard to see them in 1 place, and also It should show the divs in a grid style. another website (midjourney) using same features uses this draggable.min.js() gsap.(). how to achieve it? you can go to (https://www.midjourney.com/) and test it, just click on the eye icon and it will appear on the hero section
  4. I want to make blend text animation with scrolltrigger but i have a problem with pinned background color. My goal is after text about to finish unpin the background color scroll with text alongside. I want to unpin when text reachs here: But background color remain until whole page scrolled. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, I using Vanilla JS and I installed gsap from npm I get this message when I want to import gsap , TypeError: The specifier “gsap” was a bare specifier, but was not remapped to anything. Relative module specifiers must start with “./”, “../” or “/” import { gsap } from "gsap"; why this happen?
  6. First post here! I've read documentation, searched the forums and noodled around quite a bit before posting and I'm still stuck! So here's what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm sure it's super easy solution and I'm probably missing a minor step. I have a section of cards that are stacked and they're overlaying each other. When you click it the card div it pops up, if there is already an active card the previous one shuffles back into the stack and the new one pulls up. Here's my code that I have so far. It only shuffles them up and down without previous going back into the stack. const GetCards = document.querySelectorAll(".tools-card"); GetCards.forEach(function(cardList, index){ const cardTL = gsap.timeline({paused: true}).to( cardList, {duration: 0.5, x: "-=10", y: "+=250", scale: 1.05, ease: "expo.inOut"}) let activeCard = false; cardList.addEventListener('click', () => { if(activeCard === false){ cardTL.play(); activeCard = true; }else{ cardTL.reverse() activeCard = false; } }) }) I've tried several things like adding tags to the timeline and several methods() but I clearly don't know what I'm doing! Some guidance would be stellar. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Guys. I have replicated my issue in CodePen but you can not see the issue unless you view it in a mobile browser without CodePen wrapping it. So to show you, I have placed the same code that is in the CodePen in a html version as a visitable link. https://kubikdesign.com.au/posts/20230610-gsap-jump-issue.html The issue is: after scrolling past the scrollTrigger area the page jumps up. I have also created a screen recording on/of my mobile showing and explaining the issue (ensure sound is on). https://kubikdesign.com.au/posts/20230610-gsap-jump-issue.mp4 Thanks guys. 😃
  8. Welcome! In this article we’re going to cover GSAP's core fundamentals and animate some HTML elements. If that’s not your end goal, don’t worry. Whatever you plan to animate, whichever framework you use - the techniques and principles covered here will serve you well. If you just want to jump in, here are some handy links. Full documentation GSAP cheatsheet CodePen starter template Installation guide. Still with us? Wonderful, let's get started! What is "GSAP"? The GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) is an industry-celebrated suite of tools used on over 11 million sites, including more than 50% of award‑winning ones! You can use GSAP to animate pretty much anything JavaScript can touch, in any framework. Whether you want to animate UI, SVG, Three.js or React components - GSAP has you covered. The core library contains everything you need to create blazing fast, cross-browser friendly animations. This is what we'll be stepping through in this article. In addition to the core, there are a variety of plugins. You don’t need to learn them in order to get started, but they can help with specific animation challenges like scroll based animation, draggable interactions, morphing, etc. See an overview of the available plugins. Creating an animation. Let's start by animating an HTML element with a class of "box". gsap.to(".box", { x: 200 }) A single animation like this is called a 'tween'. This tween is saying "hey GSAP, animate the element with a class of '.box' to an x of 200px (like transform: translateX(200px))".
  9. const cardsRef = useRef(null); useEffect(() => { const cards = Array.from(cardsRef.current.children); const timeline = gsap.timeline({ defaults: { duration: 3 } }); gsap.set(cards, { opacity: 0, x: 500 }); cards.forEach((card) => { gsap.to(card, { x: 0, opacity: 1, duration: 1, ease: "ease-in-out", scrollTrigger: { trigger: card, start: "top 60%", end: "+=400", scrub: true, }, }); }); }, []); Here is the code I am working with Next.js the the start market is going above the element and when we inspect the element it comes to the place first image is without inspect when first page load notice markers when we inspect the marker comes in place why it is happening please help this is my first post apologies for any if the post is not according to guidelines
  10. Hi there, So I am creating animation and kind of stuck. I don't know how to reverse the animation when the end of the targeted elements hits the bottom of the screen. Please let me know how can I able to achieve this. Thanks, Nafiul
  11. Hi i want to make exact animation for testimonial section from this website (https://appinventiv.com/) at the end you will find testimonial section Please provide complete step by step tutorial i was noob to GSAP please help me
  12. hello guys, a quick question, I'm using Next.js 13, I'm using the native layout.js in which I've just added a Header and Footer component, so far nothing exceptional, I have my Header component in which I have a simple animation made with Gsap (useEffect). Everything seems to be working well, but the animation only works when the page is reloaded, not when I go from page to page (although that's not what I want) but, for example, after my preloader is played, no animation. If I take my Header component out of Layout.js and put it on my home page, the animation works normally. An idea of what I could do, the solution resists me. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi community, I have been facing an issue with scrolltrigger animation when preventing the address bar from hiding in mobile. I have replicated my HTML structure in the below codepen demo. I just wanted to keep the address bar visible always and able to trigger the animations on scroll. After setting the overflow and position properties, the address bar is fixed now. But the scrolltrigger animations are not working as expected. The animations are getting triggered only using scroll wheel and not by touch swipe.
  14. I've tried for 3 days to figure out how to download GSAP+ Bonus Plugins, and I just feel like I kept going down a rabbit hole and coming out worse than when I started. 🤪 Can someone walk me through the best option for installing this GSAP and its bonus plugin-ins properly? I have Cloudways Server-side rendering is when your own servers do the rendering instead of the user’s browser. The server processes the JavaScript framework of the website and renders it to static HTML and CSS, so that the end-user’s browser doesn’t have to. I found this plug-in that was recommended unless someone has a better option. https://blog.privjs.com/article/how-to-install-club-greensock-packages-on-digitalocean-aws-etc 😀 I am a taking classes at Harvard Uni, but I'm at the premi stage of coding, most of my experience has been through wp with minimal coding. But I really want to install these plugins, so I can understand animations and I feel like this plug-in is my best option given I'm learning. Please let me know if you y'all recommend any other superior and user-friendly tools to dive into. Thank you!!
  15. I am building react project with GSAP. I am trying to create an animated div that will scale up based on scroll. My animation works perfectly on codepen demo. But when implementing it in my project, it sets the markers wrongly. But when I change routes, and come back, the markers automatically get set perfectly. Please watch the video for better understanding, or go to this link https://ayank007.github.io/newportfolio/# Source code: https://github.com/ayank007/newportfolio/blob/master/src/components/Work/index.tsx in line 37 Can anyone please help me, what went wrong. Thank you. Untitled.mp4
  16. You need to make an animation on the site so that when you scroll the page, the picture moves around the site, moving from side to side. Site structure: on the right the picture on the left is tex, the next block on the right is the text on the left picture, so the blocks alternate. You need to make an animation on the site so that when you scroll the page, the picture moves around the site, moving from side to side. Site structure: on the right the picture on the left is tex, the next block on the right is the text on the left picture, so the blocks alternate. enter the description of the image here so that when the user scrolls through the site, the image follows him and smoothly shifts under the text block, as if highlighting the text.
  17. I made an animation of horizontal scrolling, it works fine on a computer, it works poorly on mobile phones, when scrolling, it scrolls in one direction to the end, after which it stops animating. let galleryScene = gsap.timeline(); let item = gsap.utils.toArray(".gallery__item"); const galleryTriger = new ScrollTrigger.create({ animation: galleryScene, trigger: ".photo-gallery", start: "top top", end: "+=" + 600, // markers: true, scrub: 1, snap: 1 / (item.length - 1), pin: true, ease: "none", }); function getMoveDistance(){ let move = document.querySelector('.gallery').scrollWidth; let block = document.querySelector('.gallery').offsetWidth ; move = (move - block) * -1; galleryScene.clear(); galleryScene.to(".gallery", 25, {x: move}) } getMoveDistance(); window.addEventListener('resize', getMoveDistance, true);
  18. I've been scouring the archives and the web but can't seem to find out a proper workflow using Adobe Animate and GSAP if there is even one or is it even worth it. I am working off some files that were done by another developer and they seem to have used Adobe Animate for the HTML portion of is and then GSAP for the actual animation. I have been trying to break down how they managed to use both and can't seem to make it work in my head because everything that I pump out of Adobe Animate has a js file that is way overloaded with symbols and such. As I've mentioned elsewhere I am trying to get back into using GSAP so I am rusty as all get out. I may be asking the wrong question so there's that too! Any help would greatly appreciated. I guess I am missing the link between how to go from Animate to GSAP. Does the GSAP happen within the Animate file? Or is published and then coded.
  19. Hi, based on the horizontalLoop function -> https://greensock.com/docs/v3/HelperFunctions#loop DEMO WITH DRAGGABLE (with "center: true" and onChange features), I want to have the first element starting on the center as well, basically the center element changes based on the viewport size, but my goal is to start the animation with it in the center. Here is an ideia of what i want to achieve -> public-image.co Thanks!
  20. I have some text with a gradient in it and I was wondering how I can fade it in without having it snappy like in that codepen? Thanks, Tod
  21. FaxForceFive

    Timing error

    I am having a problem with the timings in the Timeline, The cause is either me being stupid or an error in the timings system. the red button is supposed to go back to a green button all at once, but, it goes back segmented, and yes, I setup the timeline properly. here is the code: https://codepen.io/FaxForceFive/pen/zYLQoEN
  22. I'm working on an animation effect where the items appear as an overlay to the previous element on scroll, but when I use animation to translate Y, it adds extra white space at the bottom, which I don't want. I also experimented with the scroll snap effect. But that didn't work either.
  23. Hi, I'm very new to gsap and been trying to do this layout today but without any luck. In the pen you can see 4 items to the left, what I'm trying to achieve is to pin this items in the left and change the content in the right with the relevant one. the pen js is very small is where I started and i have been trying different things but I don't know if im going in the right direction I highlighted one of the items as an example of the result I'm looking for, when you scroll past certain offset the element goes to active and the content that shows is the relevant one, in this case, Ipsum would show Thank you very much if anyone can point me in the right direction.
  24. Please refer to the codepen and then third slide/section in the horizontal scroller. I have placed the comments "attempting to move c3 from top left to top right, then top right to bottom right" in both the JS and HTML so you know the area to focus on. Q). How would you move an object from: top left, to: top right, then from: top right, to: bottom right. What I am trying to understand and learn is how to chain animations (if that is the right term) and sequence (time them) one after the other, all while scrub is enabled. Thank you. 😃
  25. Hi Guys. I am new to GSAP, GSAP3 and scrollTrigger. I have been trying to implement some of the basics to learn how to use GSAP and ScrollTrigger. Please refer to the codePen. I am trying to make the letters (YEAH) in the first horizontal sliding section move up then down then up then down through the "scrubbed" animation. In other words, how do I make them go up and down multiple times instead of just the once. I have looked for examples and have been unable to find anything doing this. Can it be done?