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  1. Hello @GSAP Helper I’ve been a GSAP animator for many years developing banners using HTML, CSS and JavaScript I’ve now moved into the Motion Designer role using Adobe After Effects and Blender 3D. Unfortunately everything thing is key frame based in these programs I honestly really miss the efficiency of GSAP. My favourite era was when we could use a hybrid Adobe Animate/Flash timeline and program GSAP to make animations Is there any chance there is a way to use GSAP in Blender 3D? It has a panel for scripting but I can’t figure out how to use GSAP with Python/Blender API The only way to use GSAP with 3D these days, is to export the model and animate in the browser Blender would be a very powerful tool is we could GSAP inside the programs like the Adobe Animate/Flash days Thanks for your time!
  2. Hello Everyone I hope you are doing well. I have a problem relating to the circle radius increase decrease pointer. so it works like when you drag the pointer away from the circle's center point it increases its radius and decreases when dragging towards the center point. it works fine but the pointer moves away from the circle border when you drag your mouse away from the pointer on the x-axis. I have provided the code pen so you can check it out thankyou ❤️.
  3. I have applied id="smooth-wrapper" and id="smooth-content" by wrapping with div. But it is not working. I followed https://codesandbox.io/s/stupefied-minsky-pzceim?file=/src/App.js:733-752 but couldn't understand how to apply ScrollSmoother in these component based structure.
  4. Hi there, I am having a very bizzare issue. I am almost done with a project on SvelteKit, which uses GSAP for animations. Everything was going perfectly well, untill I built the production version. After deployment everything seemed to work fine - all pages load and the appropriate animations are there. However, when you try to reload a page (other than the home page), the following error occurs. Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: (intermediate value).gsap is undefined Immutable 19 Because of the fact that the problem occurs only in production (only when I run the npm run build), and it is perfect when I run npm run dev, I was not sure how to show you this instance with a CodePen. So here is a simplified version of the http://stagger.fragment.bg. And here is the link to the GitHub repo https://github.com/kodes-agency/fragment-test. Here is a video that ilustrates the issue: http://api.fragment.bg/uploads/Issue_0_21_798db83bc7.mov I am really clueless why this happens. I will appreciate every input into how to solve this issue.
  5. Sometimes it's useful to tween a value at a particular velocity and/or acceleration without a specific end value in mind. PhysicsPropsPlugin allows you to tween any numeric property of any object based on these concepts. Keep in mind that any easing equation you define for your tween will be completely ignored for these properties. Instead, the physics parameters will determine the movement/easing. These parameters, by the way, are not intended to be dynamically updateable, but one unique convenience is that everything is reverseable. So if you create several physics-based tweens, for example, and throw them into a timeline, you could simply call reverse() on the timeline to watch the objects retrace their steps right back to the beginning. Here are the parameters you can define (note that friction and acceleration are both completely optional): velocity : Number - The initial velocity of the object measured in units per second (or for tweens where useFrames is true, it would be measured per frame). (Default: 0) acceleration : Number - The amount of acceleration applied to the object, measured in units per second (or for tweens where useFrames is true, it would be measured per frame). (Default: 0) friction : Number - A value between 0 and 1 where 0 is no friction, 0.08 is a small amount of friction, and 1 will completely prevent any movement. This is not meant to be precise or scientific in any way, but it serves as an easy way to apply a friction-like physics effect to your tween. Generally it is best to experiment with this number a bit, starting at a very low value like 0.02. Also note that friction requires more processing than physics tweens without any friction. (Default: 0) gsap.to(elem, { duration: 2, physicsProps: { x: {velocity: 100, acceleration: 200}, y: {velocity: -200, friction: 0.1} } }); Demos PhysicsProps Demos To learn how to include the PhysicsPropsPlugin into your project, see the GSAP install docs.
  6. I have an Image reveal while hovering over a text, what I want is something like on this site https://dennissnellenberg.com/ on Recent work section
  7. Hi, so I have created multiple backgrounds which I would like to squeeze and expand as shown in my codepen example. However, trigger position gets messed up everytime I resize the window, the <img> will be gone and the start position is shifted. 1) How do I keep everything as it is even on window resize? 2) And also because I will be making quite a few of these backgrounds and repeating the squeeze and expand for each of them as shown in my Codepen, I'm wondering if there is a more effective way to do it rather than having one timeline for each background? I've noticed some lag when I have too many timelines, especially with the start position adding +=180% for each timeline... (by the 20th background the start is at +=3420%... ) I'm new to all of this so I apologise if any of my questions seem obvious. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all, Lets say, I have a section and it's total height is 1200px. And I set it's height 100px and use overflow hidden with CSS to hide the other 1100px. My goal is when user scroll to see the other section(below the section I'm talking about) until the remaining 1100px is scrolled. after that people can see the other sections below it. I was able to make a demo, but it not working properly. Is it possible to achieve my goal using GSAP? Please see the video for better understanding. https://www.veed.io/embed/d61cde25-3dbd-4e40-8a32-fbe4ae94fa9d
  9. Hello everyone, i try to make this example https://codepen.io/oldskool123/pen/mdrrbyo in react js, but i don't understand why what I did does not work, I am applying what I saw in the documentation but it has not worked, I want to learn how to use this great tool but I have not been able to apply a more complex example in react js. I need some guidance, thanks. :') Here the code sanbox https://codesandbox.io/s/gsap-react-horizontal-scroll-mr4gb1?file=/src/App.js
  10. Hello Team, Following code pen has click event anywhere on page, 1. Could you please assist me in transforming jquery to equivalent result using gsap. 2. Also please suggest how to achieve same result if by clicking any 5 menu items that animates radial clip path entire page by originating from any one menu item. ( Example: Clicking any navigation item from website: https://www.choreograph.com/ ) Regards Prad.
  11. hello all; its my first post here. ı look arround for this animation but cannot find similar one so ı made my animation. Still have some problem with sticky. Before animation start unset position so GSAP can detect my element hight and place markers in correct points. But ı guess it's still not fine for best practice. I'm open advices and ideas. Thanks all
  12. I want to grab the value selected on a range slider and use it to change the speed of my tween. I'm new to this, so I'm hoping this is a simple one. It looks like I need to refresh or restart the animation every time I change the value of the slider. In the example here, tl2 is restarted and played when the button 'Shot 2' is clicked... but the variable called speed (grabbed from the slider) doesn't seem to ever be updated in the tween.
  13. Hello I Hope you all are doing well. I am facing some issue is that Draggable onDrag returns this.rotation angle value incorrect. Please see the Image const pointer = Draggable.create(".rotate-pointer", { type: "rotation", onDragStart: (e) => { const gElement = e.target.closest("g"); const idx = gElement.getAttribute("id"); selectedRadiusPointer = idx; roundTableDraggable[idx].disable(); // pointer[idx].disable(); }, onDrag: function () { const rotation = e.target.getBoundingClientRect(); const parentG = document.getElementsByClassName(`table-${selectedRadiusPointer}`)[0]; TweenLite.to(parentG, { rotation: this.rotation || 0, transformOrigin: 'center center' }); console.log(this.rotation, 'rotation') }, onDragEnd: () => { roundTableDraggable[selectedRadiusPointer].enable(); }, }); This is my code and this is rotation angle values
  14. Hello, I have two endless loop animations going in different directions, but the animation on the right does not start from the top like the other one and works problematic. Can you help me?
  15. I'm working on a prototype for a mobile-only website. The concept is, that there is an image with a route on it and the page scrolls along the specific route. The image with the route is larger than the screen and will be updated with x/y transforms to follow the route during the scroll. I've created a GSAP timeline with the different points on the route and synced it to a GSAP ScrollTrigger instance. The trigger ('.scroller'.) is an invisible div with a height of 2400vw, which solely functions as the scroll distance. The demo is visible on: https://scrolltrigger-test-ib0bhfhl2-tom51north.vercel.app/. The demo works smoothly on desktop (use the mobile debug tool). However, on iOS the whole animation is kind of buggy/laggy when you scroll down the page and I can't find out why. I also have added a FPS meter, but that also shows 60 fps. Does anyone have an idea why the whole animation is buggy and how I can fix it? const scrollTl = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: ".scroller", start: "top top", end: "bottom bottom", scrub: true } }); scrollTl.to('.scrolltrigger-test__visual-background', { duration: 1, x: '-33vw', y: '-59vw', ease: 'none' }, 0); scrollTl.to('.scrolltrigger-test__visual-background', { duration: 1, x: '7vw', y: '-91vw', ease: 'none' }, 1); scrollTl.to('.scrolltrigger-test__visual-background', { duration: 1, x: '47vw', y: '-130vw', ease: 'none' }, 2); scrollTl.to('.scrolltrigger-test__visual-background', { duration: 1, x: '-4vw', y: '-169vw', ease: 'none' }, 3); scrollTl.to('.scrolltrigger-test__visual-background', { duration: 1, x: '-57vw', y: '-203vw', ease: 'none' }, 4); scrollTl.to('.scrolltrigger-test__visual-background', { duration: 1, x: '-106vw', y: '-244vw', ease: 'none' }, 5); scrollTl.to('.scrolltrigger-test__visual-background', { duration: 1, x: '-68vw', y: '-270vw', ease: 'none' }, 6); scrollTl.to('.scrolltrigger-test__visual-background', { duration: 1, x: '-9vw', y: '-264vw', ease: 'none' }, 7); scrollTl.to('.scrolltrigger-test__visual-background', { duration: 1, x: '26vw', y: '-292vw', ease: 'none' }, 8); scrollTl.to('.scrolltrigger-test__visual-background', { duration: 1, x: '64vw', y: '-322vw', ease: 'none' }, 9); scrollTl.to('.scrolltrigger-test__visual-background', { duration: 1, x: '14vw', y: '-375vw', ease: 'none' }, 10); scrollTl.to('.scrolltrigger-test__visual-background', { duration: 1, x: '-38vw', y: '-410vw', ease: 'none' }, 11); .scrolltrigger-test { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100vh; background-color: #008238; } .scrolltrigger-test__visual { position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100vh; overflow: hidden; } .scroller { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 2400vw; } .scrolltrigger-test__visual-background { position: relative; } .scrolltrigger-test__visual-background-image { display: block; position: relative; width: 280vw; height: auto; top: -10vw; left: -72vw; }
  16. Hello, I added simplebar js to my ongoing project to customize the scrollbar, but there is a conflict. I think the styles come when gsap is disabled, but the simplebar styles do not work when gsap is active. Can you help me?
  17. Hi, I started using GSAP recently and I like this library but I stuck for now. I want to slide elements back to right side position after having already scrolled to the next vertical section. The idea is that there is no empty space left after horizontal scroll ends. I can use this approach to prevent it: x: () => -(container.scrollWidth - document.documentElement.clientWidth) + "px" but this is not exactly what I want, because if there are not many elements and they fit into the screen, it will just stand there until I scroll to the next section. Thanks for your help 🙏.
  18. Hello I hope you are doing well. I want to achieve that the small circle located on the border of circle when someone drag this in any the circle or svg group should rotate in that direction i'll post an examples so that you (respected helper) can understand. i have provided the code so please update it their. Thank you very much this comunity is very helpful i am loving it thanks : )
  19. Hello i want to bound the object to be dragged only the border of the circle . i have provided the codepen in which small circle is bound to be dragged only inside circle but i want to bound it to be dragged only on the border this codepen is not but please modify this code alittle so that it meets my requirments thanks alot : )
  20. Hello all! I am a longtime greensock advocate (joined in 2009!) but come from the visual design side so most of my experience is providing devs with annotated mockups and assets to build. Long story short - I just want to learn to do these things better myself and with tools like Webflow the bar to entry has lowered drastically for designers like me to build really cool stuff on my own. So - I'm coming here as I start my journey into building a really exciting project and before I start mucking up the code with copy/paste stuff that's all over the internet I'd like to talk strategy. I hope to utilize gsap/scrolltrigger for many parts of the experience but the fundamental core concept I'd like to achieve is built around a single lottie animation that is pinned and played via scroll in three sequences (frame 0-50, 50-100, and 100-50) as the user traverses down the vertical page through various sections. I have scripted the sequence of animation here To start, I've found the scrollLottie plugin by Chris Gannon and subsequently the helper function made by Greensock. Seems like the native implementation is the ticket. Beginner questions: 1. Should this whole sequence be established via timeline structure? Do I initialize the LottieScrollTrigger inside the gsap.timeline? let tl = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: "#container-div", pin: true, start: "center center", end: "+=750", //should I set an endTrigger to reference when its time to pin at the top of section 2 and beyond? use duration instead? scrub: 2 } LottieScrollTrigger({ target: "#lottie-animation", path: "https://www.website.com/file.lottie", speed: "medium", scrub: 2 // seconds it takes for the playhead to "catch up" }); 2. Do I understand correctly that I should be pinning the container-div and animating the objects (lottie-animation, images) inside? 3. How do I build out a sequence of animations within this timeline structure, is it a new scrollTrigger element each time repeated as we go down the page? Understand this is both complicated and also really amateur hour but I am so grateful for the help. After this step I will be able to provide a minimal demo if I/when hit any snags!
  21. Hello, Smoothscroller and Smooth Scrollbar version but I couldn't get the Smoothscroller feature to work. I think there is a point where they overlap. Can you help?
  22. code sandbox link (I was messing with this file and forgot to fork it, so I apologize, the file is now as it should be) In my little basic nextjs demo here (link above), I have set up an idea for a page I have where it would use a fixed position layout as you see here. I have three questions that are hopefully not too long: 1. Is this a good way to set up such a layout with gsap (using stacked, standard flow elements, in this case, the yellow and green lines in the middle of the page (which would be hidden in the actual site) to trigger the scrolling animation) or do you think there is a better way to achieve this? 2. If I scroll any amount of distance and hit refresh, the page doesn't reload from the beginning it just reloads and the scroll bar remains in place. What should I do to make it start back from scratch when I refresh the page? 3. I was trying out smooth-scroller, got it to work and it's very nice of course; however, If I have A setup like this in nextjs with these fixed elements which the smooth-scroller docs say to put outside the smooth content wrapper, I would have the main content in a wrapper (this wrapper would have smooth-scroller) then the fixed elements in their own parent div and then wrap all of that in say a react fragment or div because of course this is react and all components must only render one element. But when I do that smooth-scroller doesn't work anymore, So I'd love to see how smooth-scroller would get applied to this setup. Also, is there a way to make smooth-scroller work in code sandbox?
  23. Hi, i'm trying to make a parallax effect on the background. i"m trying to access to div using the class generated by react when i load the page the script run but the gsap code shows an error but when i copy paste the same script i runs well
  24. Every time Pinned section appear gsap add extra css code shift that section to right
  25. Hi, i try to make a pinned element on my page. If you go to the section "Découvrez mon histoire" all down (or discover link in the menu) the section on the right should be pinned. but i don't understand why, the fixed position is relative to the page instead of the screen. I tried to do the same on codepen, and everything works well. Do you have any idea ? https://justhugo.fr/