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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I'm trying to disable or kill a draggable element within an SVG. After calling disable() on the draggable, the onClick function still fires. Other effects of disabling are as expected: the element can no longer be dragged, the "grab" cursor style is removed, the onDragEnd function no longer fires. Have also tried kill(), with the same results. Here's a minimal example, tested in Chrome and Firefox. <svg version='1.1' xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" x='0px' y='0px' viewBox='0 0 200 200'> <rect x="0" y="0" width="50" height="50" class="draggable1"></rect> </svg> <script type="module"> import { gsap } from 'gsap' import { Draggable } from "gsap/Draggable"; gsap.registerPlugin(Draggable); Draggable.create(".draggable1", { type:"x,y", bounds: "svg", onClick: function() { console.log("clicked"); }, onDragEnd: function() { console.log("drag ended"); } }); Draggable.get(".draggable1").disable(); // onClick function still fires </script> Let me know if you need further info. Cheers Steve
  2. Hi there, I did a search on the forum and so far I haven't found an answer for this. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am wondering if there is a way to disable GSAP on certain pages. When I am logged into my CMS it massively conflicts with it. I would like to load the script only on the exterior page, is there a way to do this? For reference I was looking at possibly doing this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/807878/how-to-make-javascript-execute-after-page-load I would like to be able to avoid using jQuery if I don't have to. Thank you!
  3. Hi, Is it possible to keep the OnClick event on the Draggable to be triggered including when the disable() method has been called on the Draggable element? From the Draggable documentation, the method disable() should disable the Dragging, not the whole element and its events. But it does. Using a JQuery.click on the element doesn't seem to be an option, as the click event is triggered during drag and drop, and using the mouse pointer location does fix the click on drag issue, but then the whole prevent bubble event gets messed up, and when there is a button inside the element. You can see it here. The only feasible way would be to make the OnClick event from Draggable work always, inclusive when disable() has been called. Is it possible to do so without having to change the Draggable.js library?
  4. Is there a simple way with TweenLite, to disable all ease? Or rather does TweenLite have a built i default ease, such as Linear or other? - that I can disable. Thanks ".S"
  5. I have multiple elements that are being used as the trigger under one class. For example, the "dragHandle" class is my trigger: <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div id="draggableLayer"></div> This is fine when it is first initialized. All three will drag the "draggableLayer." The problem is, I am dynamically adding more "dragHandle" elements, and they are not seen as triggers after Draggable has initialized on page load. I.e: <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div class="dragHandle"></div> <!-- these 2 were added after page load, but don't work like the others do as a trigger --> <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div id="draggableLayer"></div> I have tried disabling (and killing) and then enabling the Draggable after adding the the additional trigger elements, but that hasn't worked. Is there a way to destroy and reinitialize the Draggable? Or maybe another way to make it see the additional trigger elements I am dynamically adding? Thanks!
  6. Is it possible to ignore all events on a drag container ( type = scroll ) when I drag a nested element ( type = x,y )? When I use dragContainer[0].disable(); the container resets the position to 0,0. I tried to disable interaction with dragContainer during the onDrag event from a nested element, but no success. edit: I've added a pen. So when you drag the yellow container around you will see some images. When I drag those images (nested draggables) you will see that the container is moving as well. When you uncomment #111 & #116 you will see that the disable/enable is making trouble somehow.
  7. So, I was trying to implement Fancy's rotation approach found here: http://codepen.io/MAW/pen/doPLME. But, it only every applies to one object. How can I get all objects to rotate when a user selects that object and pulls it around, if that makes sense? Also, I've been having trouble deleting an object and thought something Draggable.disable() or something would work but doesn't seem to. Thanks for your help - I'm a total newb to greensock so its much appreciated!
  8. Hi, I am using the Draggable plugin and I need to enable/disable it sometimes. I can't find a sample on the help documentation to control this. The follow exemple seems not to work : Draggable.enable(); Thanks for your help.
  9. hi guys, When I click dave btn and steve btn several times quickly, then the green and red boxes are not expanding the size they should. What do I do to fix this problem? And, how to disable either one while another one is in animation? Thanks a lot. http://codepen.io/7537247/pen/AqLEc
  10. Hello, I am using your amazing Draggable classes to drag and drop divs and I'm looking for a way to detect if a draggable object is enabled or not... This is my list of draggables divs: var DraggableList = Draggable.create(myDivsArray, { type:"xy"}); After some user actions, I need to disable divs, so I use: DraggableList[divIndex].disable(); But how can I check if a div is enabled or not? // Something like that for example: if(DraggableList[divIndex].enabled){ // this div is enabled for the drag... }else{ // this div is NOT enabled for the drag... } I checked the Draggable object and I didn't se any "enabled" properties... Do you know if there is way to check the state of a Draggable div? If there isn't, it could be great to add this feature to the Draggable object. Thanks!
  11. Frans

    disable reverse

    Hello, i am new to superscrollorama. I want to disable an animation when you scroll up. I found the code on the website but it doesn't work for me: The 5th parameter is reverse, which you can use to disable reverse animation. controller.addTween('#fade', TweenMax.from($('#fade'),.5,{ css:{opacity:0}}), 200, false); // prevent backwards animation of the element What am i doing wrong? Frans
  12. Is there a way to disable (not remove) TweenMax completely from your game? I've used it in at least 100 locations but how can I simply disable it all together, without having to change my code completely? I am trying this because on a few very slow machines the performance is poor, so I want a way to disable it when not required. Much Thanks