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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I'm trying to add cuepoints to a video at runtime to display subtitles. I'm using a loop to get my cuepoints from XML and add them using the addASCuePoint method. But for some reason only the first 2 cuepoints seem to be displaying. Here is my for loop: for (var i:int = 0; i < subtitlesXml.cuePoint.length(); i++) { cuepointStart = subtitlesXml.cuePoint.attribute("substart"); cuepointEnd = subtitlesXml.cuePoint.attribute("subend"); subtitles = subtitlesXml.cuePoint.subtitle; videoLoader.addASCuePoint(cuepointStart, "substart " + i, {id:i}); videoLoader.addASCuePoint(cuepointEnd, "subend"); trace(cuepointStart + " " + cuepointEnd + " " + subtitles); } and here is my cuepoint listener: private function cuePointHandler(e:LoaderEvent):void { trace(e.data.name); if(e.data.name == "substart") { subTextField.text = subtitles[e.data.parameters.id]; } else if(e.data.name == "subend") { subTextField.text = ""; } else if(e.data.name == "break") { fadeOutVideo(); } } And here is my XML: <subtitles> <cuePoint id="0" substart="7.0" subend="11.0"> <subtitle><![CDATA[subtitle 1]></subtitle> </cuePoint> <cuePoint id="1" substart="16.0" subend="21.0"> <subtitle><![CDATA[subtitle 2]]></subtitle> </cuePoint> <cuePoint id="2" substart="22:0" subend="24:0"> <subtitle><![CDATA[subtitle 3]]></subtitle> </cuePoint> <cuePoint id="3" substart="26:0" subend="30:0"> <subtitle><![CDATA[subtitle 4]]></subtitle> </cuePoint> <cuePoint id="4" substart="31:0" subend="35:0"> <subtitle><![CDATA[subtitle 5]]></subtitle> </cuePoint> <cuePoint id="5" substart="36:0" subend="39:0"> <subtitle><![CDATA[subtitle 6]]></subtitle> </cuePoint> Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Gareth
  2. There seems to be an issue/bug with cuepoints and gotoVideoCuePoint() function. So there's a movie, with two cue points, 'startLoop' - 'endLoop'... now when the video hits on the 'endLoop' cuepoint we want to go back to 'startLoop'... simple enough! Well, instead of going back to 'startLoop', the video stays at 'endLoop' and the trace function reports backgroundVideo cuepoint name is endLoop in a loop and after a while it goes back to 'startLoop'... Really weird issue! I'm using the latest version of your library. Any thoughts? The video was encoded with Adobe Media Encoder CS6, just in case! protected function _onBackgroundVideoCuePoint(event:LoaderEvent):void { var cue:String = event.data.name; trace('backgroundVideo cuepoint name is', cue); if (cue == 'startLoop') { _backgroundVideo.gotoVideoCuePoint('endLoop', true); return; } if (cue == 'startGame') { // TODO } }