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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I'm using the throwProps dial code from the Greensock example. I need to calculate which turn of the dial the user is on eg. turn 2 of 10 How would I do this? At the moment I am trying to calculate whether the user is turning the dial clockwise or anti-clockwise. Then either adding 1 to the turn count if the turn is clockwise and the rotation value equals 359º or subtracting 1 from the turn count if the turn is anti-clockwise and the rotation value equals 0º Is this the correct way or is there another way by adjusting the original sample code? Here's my code in addition to the throwProps sample code. The calculateDialDirection is wrong, so I need a delay of some sort when grabbing the old and the new rotation values. Maybe with an array. // Calculate Direction of Dial (Clockwise or anti-clockwise) // --------------------------- var oldDialRotation:Number; var newDialRotation:Number; var calculateDialDirection:Number; var dialRotationDirection:uint; // Grab first rotation value oldDialRotation = degFromDeg(dial.rotation); // i.e. 5º // Grab second rotation value newDialRotation = degFromDeg(dial.rotation); // i.e. 10º calculateDialDirection = newDialRotation - oldDialRotation; if (calculateDialDirection > 0 ){ dialRotationDirection = 1; // Clockwise } else if (calculateDialDirection < 0 ){ dialRotationDirection = 0; // Anti-Clockwise } else { // No Change } // Count How Many Times Dial Has Turned var wheelTurnNumber:int = 0; if (dialRotAFTERdegFromDeg == 359 && dialRotationDirection == 1){ // Clockwise wheelTurnNumber ++; } else if (dialRotAFTERdegFromDeg == 0 && dialRotationDirection == 0){ // Anti-Clockwise wheelTurnNumber --; }