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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I have been building lots of animated banners with greensock as I am front-end dev. But, I have never build celtra Interscroller mobile ads. Can we build with HTML5 and greensock lib or should we use Photoshop or google web designer? Spec is here http://www.mcn.com.au/digital-ad-specs/celtra-interscroller. Thanks Allison
  2. mramsey

    GSAP in Celtra

    Hey all, I asked this question on an earlier thread, only to realize it was a poll. So here it goes again: I'm new to using the Celtra platform and know very little JS (more a designer but very familiar with GS for Flash). Is there anyway you can send me the code block that you inserted into the Execute JS event to get you up and running with GSAP In Celtra. Do you add it to the screen you're on, or on a Frame Div? I've tried many options, watched the Custom Development webinar and I still can't seem to get it to work. Thank you in advance! Marc
  3. Hey Greensock peeps, I wonder how many of you have put a greenstocking over the fire place yet? So, my first experience with GSAP was with banner ads in Flash, and now I've graduated from Flash and moved onto HTML5 banner ads (That means I get to work on annoying you on your phone and tablet, YAY!). I wanted to find out how many people here have been using GSAP for their HTML5 banner ad production? I've also been using an Ad Platform named Celtra recently, which has its own very rudimentary animation system, no where near as flexible as GSAP but they have nifty components for Video and other interactions built for mobile. BUT! It has taken me a whole day to actually get my head around implementing GSAP within their platform. (everything is heavily sandboxed, so you can't bring down their system I guess?). And I wondered if anyone else here was doing something similar.