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  1. Saw this website http://www.invstr.com that uses Greensock. I was wondering how the background ticks(grey rectangles) were in a animated loop that when they past the viewport they automatically started at the top again... could that be achieved somehow with modifiers plugin like the carousel wrap example? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I'm developing a GWD banner with a custom carousel using GSAP. I followed this simple example http://codepen.io/bassta/pen/LckBh by Chrysto. I added "prev" and "next" buttons. Sliding takes 0.5 sec for 300px of each slide, but the thing is: if user is super quick and clicks "next" button faster then .5 sec in a row, he ends up in between the slides. Because each click overwrites previous one. I tried to shorten the animation time to 0.1sec, but client wants the slide animation to be long and smooth. I tried to play with overwriting modes, but seems that it is only about killing existing animations, not keeping user from creating new ones. var current_product = 0; var products = ["product1", "product2", "product3", "product4"]; gwd.auto_Next_Arrow_tapareaAction = function(event) { var product_image = document.getElementById("product_picture"); if (current_product < products.length - 1) { current_product++; TweenLite.to(product_image, .5, { left: "-=300px", overwrite: "none", ease: Quad.easeOut }); } else { TweenLite.to(product_image, .5, { left: "0px", overwrite: "none", ease: Quad.easeOut }); current_product = 0; } };
  3. Hi, I have been trying to create an image carousel for a website, I found Greensock out of a recommendation because jQuery animations aren't as fluid, I looked at the beginner tutorials from Petr and also followed a tutorial he has on youtube, I have been having problems making the images rotate as shown in my codepen. Can someone help me please?
  4. Greetings, Is there a javascript guru out there that can help me edit my codePen? I need to totally strip out jquery and replace with gsap? I have a couple of banner projects coming up and neither ad server will allow jQuery. Any help is much appreciated as I am stuck Thank you, Renard
  5. Hi everyone ! Hope you are fine. I come to you because I am trying to make a carousel with images fading in / out. I decided to use opacity (maybe it's not the best way to do it) and JS. I succeed to do something with JQuery but the performance were a disaster. Made my browser (chrome) crash. Then I decided to make it with javascript and tried to realise something as light as possible (hard task). But, when I thought my algorithm was good I was in front of 2 problems : 1) I don't succeed to make it infinite (not too hard to do) 2) I have an error during a loop : Cannot tween a null target. I put some console.log everywhere at every stage but impossible to localise the moment where I am sending a null object to TweenLite. Dafuq So, as you will see in my (short) codepen, am I missing something ? I deeply thank you in advance for the time spend on my request.
  6. Hi all, I have to build a responsive full width (not height) tabbed slider with GSAP. Anyone has tried this kind of project? Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks! neuhaus3000
  7. My carosel is not moving smooth, Can you help me to fix this. It is currently pausing, it should not pause. slider.zip
  8. hi, Can I make Carousel inside any image object ? have anyone Example for this? Or anyone who can help me in this situation. email: rabia@niche-vision.com Thanks
  9. rob83

    Simple Carousel

    Hi, I'm kind of stumped with building a very simple carousel: http://caroussell.yrnet.de/ It runs perfectly if I don't use the left and right buttons it's just a mess. Has anyone of you ever built some carousel like this and would be willing to share it? Thanks so much, Rob