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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I just started to learn GSAP and I really love it! There is something I need to do, which might be a bit too specific to be of anybody elses interest, but still I'd like to get some help on this one (there are several issues I'm dealing with). The requirement is to have a timeline of fixed length, say 8 seconds. It needs to be controlled by a slider. During execution, some items will appear, move around and dissappear at specific times. None of these is to be expected to be visible at the beginning or the end of the timeline, although the timeline has to last a bit longer than the last tween, i.e. all items have reached their destinations after 6 seconds, but the timelines length has to be 8. In my current workaround I just append an empty Tween with a duration of 2 secs which doesn't change any values. Here is my pen. Now to my question. These animations need to be smoothed with bezier curves, but as far as I know one can only specifiy an array of values and a duration. How can I make sure, that the animated object will be at point x at time t, when the point distribution over time is not equidistant? Looking forward to your answers Thanks, Chris Other issues (not related to the main question): Is there a better way to extend the timeline's duration (without affecting its timescale), other than the method I described (adding an empty tween)? Can I set all Tweens in a Timeline to the same easeType at once? I noticed, that my pen doesn't work on its first run. If you press restart or use the slider Everything works as expected. What did I do wrong?