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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering what everyone's favourite method of creating banner ads with GSAP is? I am fairly new to using GSAP (Loving it so far!), I have currently tried two ways of approaching creating banner ads with GSAP. 1. HTML, JS, Image sprite In this method I write the HTML structure, create an image sprite and use CSS positioning to arrange elements into place that exist in the image sprite. I then use GSAP to animate in the various elements. While I liked the simplicity of this method, I found it to be cumbersome having to manually adjust divs and positioning to correspond with the image sprite. I also found that it reduced the flexibility of the design. For example, when I wanted to make text variations, the constant readjustment of div size and positioning made the task very time-consuming. 2. Animate CC and GSAP This has been documented well on this site (http://greensock.com/animatecc-quickstart). The ability to add code into a program like animate CC seems like a powerful mix. However, when trying to create animations with complex scenes, I found the constant need to 'test movie in browser' (ctrl + enter) felt quite slow. The stage can also become very cluttered as GSAP only doesn't apply effects (positioning, opacity etc) so I felt that it was becoming hard to work with. As I have said, I am fairly new to GSAP and creating banner ads. Seeing how popular animate CC + GSAP is, I am sure I am missing something here/ doing something wrong. So, does anyone have additional methods of creating banner ads? or perhaps some workflow tips? Thanks! Tom