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  1. I'm still learning and searched but didn't find my issue. I'm not sure if this is coder error or not possible... I'm very familiar with the AS3 version of TweenMax/Lite but still learning JS/GSAP/etc. I used Flash CS6 to layout my and create my objects. I've successfully integrated GSAP for the tweening engine but autoAlpha is not working for me. Basically I want to use autoAlpha on an object. Here is the newly created object in my .js file (code simplified to highlight issue): (lib.map5 = function() { this.initialize(); // popups this.ptInfo_A = new lib.ptInfo_A(); this.ptInfo_A.setTransform(176.5,141.5,1,1,0,0,0,134.5,73.5); this.addChild(this.ptInfo_A); }).prototype = p = new cjs.Container(); p.nominalBounds = new cjs.Rectangle(42,68,469,201.5); In another JS file, where I setup interactions and initial stage properties, I'm trying to do this but it's simply not working: TweenLite.to(exportRoot.ptInfo_A, .2,{{css:{autoAlpha:0}}}); I've been able to "manually" make the object do what I want it to do but it seem clunky using anonymous funcions: TweenLite.to(exportRoot.ptInfo_A, .2, {alpha:0, onComplete:function(){exportRoot.removeChild(exportRoot.ptInfo_A);}}); Does anyone have any insight into this? Is autoAlpha not possible on objects? Thanks in advance! (I've attached the files if anyone if feeling especially ambitious to help!) map5_deploy.zip