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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys! I need to build a cost calculator for my site and while I did found code for building it on Github, it wasn't as good as i wanted it to. I want something of the sort that Tekrevol and Buildfire have come up, its interactive and lets the user commit to the thing in steps.. Can anyone help me develop this or at least guide on how can I do it
  2. Hi! Does anyone use Greensock in Desktop app? (Haxe, React, Flex...)? I'm using it in AS3 / Adobe Air. But because of the non-update of GreenSock in AS3, I'm thinking to port my App to Haxe to use the GreenSock HTML5/JS version, but I don't know how much it will be possible or fluid like the GreenSock AS3 version. The GreenSock HTML5 seems to be very good in websites, but using it in Desktop App Chromium (Haxe, ReactJS, Flex...). It is so good like AS3 native version? Thanks a lot.
  3. little question here. if a get a license , do the app need alway online ? Or the request are local ? Or do you share a build without license request ? Also, do you have some free key license for test feature on app node js ? How work you license for app ? In general I would like to avoid polluting my source code of unnecessary request. if i understand the licence is life licence, but only 1 year update . Same like license from texturepacker. https://www.codeandweb.com/texturepacker Edit: also where it the paypal button ? thank a l
  4. Looking for a kickass developer who can build the following animated page, PM me if you're interested and let me know your estimated fixed bid to do the job. Mockup: http://h.dropcanvas.com/t9epx/animation.jpg This is a one page animation task, the animations are triggered as you scroll down the page. The page is divided into 4 scenes. The attached mockup shows the general look and feel for each scene, however it’s basic, you need to be creative in translating the following description into a living animated page. The main animated objects in all the scenes are: - Green dots. - Main line