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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have used this script to animate a loop. The end animation look fine and everything seems to work. But when i open the JS file with Adobe Dreameweaver I get many complaints (missing semicolon, ’text2’ is not defined, and missing ’used strict’ statement). Do I need to be worried? Best, Ava window.onload = function () { var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1}); loop = 0; loopMax = 3; tl.to(text1, 1.2, {top:0,opacity:1,ease:Power4.easeOut}) .to(text1, 1.2, {delay:.6,top:600,ease:Power4.easeIn}) .to(text1, 0, {top:-600,ease:Power4.easeOut}) .to(text2, 1.2, {top:0,opacity:1,ease:Power4.easeOut}) .from(text3, 1, {top:0, opacity:0,scale:0,ease:Bounce.easeOut}) .call(loopCheck) .to(text3, 0.5, {delay:1.2,opacity:0,scale:0,ease:Power4.easeOut}) .to(text2, 1.2, {top:600,ease:Power4.easeIn}) tl.timeScale(1) function loopCheck() { console.log("loopCheck") loop++; if (loop < loopMax) { console.log("play again") tl.play(); } else{ console.log("done") tl.pause(); } } }
  2. oby1

    animation in a loop

    Hello there I wrote a little function that is supposed to animate the transition of text blocks from one value to another. in a nut shell, it is supposed to change the innerHTML of a an element from one letter to another. However if the current value is 'a' and the desired value is 'e', than the function will cycle through 'b','c','d' to finally stop at 'e'. the logic seems to work fine and it indeed cycles through the letters correctly to get the proper end message to display. where i am having trouble is animating the transition. Since the actuall animation function is inside a loop, it only animate the last transition. you can see what happens in the attached code pen if you remove the // from line 116 and 117 . how would i animate every stage of the transition? thank you!