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Found 2 results

  1. i use ThrowPropsPlugin and blitmask , and its wow scrollview for my background but it disabled every listeners and every movieClips animation inside the background movieClip i dont know why ? this line of code which disable every thing .. blitMask = new BlitMask( mcBg, bounds.x, bounds.y, bounds.width, bounds.height, false); please help me , i need the smooth blitmask scroll , and also i need the children inside the background -mcBg- to work .
  2. Greetings, So I've been running in circles (no pun intended) trying to access the progress of a tween so that I can make it perform different functions at diffent points of progress, ie: var circleTween:TweenMax = TweenMax.to(myShape, 4, {circlePath2D:{path:circle, startingAngle:0, endAngle:360, direction:Direction.COUNTER_CLOCKWISE}, ease:Linear.easeNone}); trace(circleTween.totalProgress); //outputs: function Function() {} trace(int(circleTween.totalProgress)); //outputs: 0 I've tried messing around with get progress as well, but am clearly missing the mark on something. Even using the code from the snorkl.tv Orbit - which clearly works in the demo - refuses to play nice and let me 'do something' based on progress...*Edit* and actually throws errors on the lines in which he has used currentProgress Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.