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  1. Hi, I've added the below scripts to the header.php file of our website. <script type='text/javascript' src='https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/3.2.4/gsap.min.js id='gsap-js'></script> <script type='text/javascript' src='https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/3.3.3/ScrollToPlugin.min.js' id='gsap-scroll-js'></script> <script type='text/javascript' src="https://unpkg.com/@barba/core"></script> My HTML and JS is below. I can console.log out from within the functions so I know they're loading however the GSAP does not seem to be. I'm also not getting any errors in console. The website is on wordpress divi theme if this is any help. <div id="intro"> <section class="video-panel" data-section="creative" data-permalink="#" style="right: 50%;"> <div class="video-holder"> <video class="overview-reel" playinline="" loop="" muted="" autplay="" preload="auto" src="/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/2.mp4"> </video> <h1> <span>Projects</span> </h1> </div> </section> <section class="video-panel" data-section="solutions" data-permalink="#"> <div class="video-holder"> <video class="overview-reel" playinline="" loop="" muted="" autplay="" preload="auto" src="/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/2.mp4"> </video> <h1> <span>Client Services</span> </h1> </div> </section> </div> gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollToPlugin); window.addEventListener("load", function(e) { (function onIntroLeave(e) { gsap.to('#intro .video-panel[data-section="creative"]', { duration: 0.5, right: '50%', ease: "power3.out" }) }) (function onIntroHover(e) { var per = (e.pageX - window.innerWidth / 2) / (window.innerWidth * 2); var dir = Math.min(1, Math.max(-1, e.pageX - window.innerWidth / 2)); var pow = Math.pow(per * 5.5, 2); var right = Math.min(100, Math.max(0, 50 + (50 * pow * dir))) + '%'; gsap.to('#intro .video-panel[data-section="creative"]', { duration: 0.5, right: right, ease: "power3.out" }) }) (function onIntroClick(e) { intro.removeEventListener('mousemove', onIntroHover); var section = this.dataset.section; var permalink = this.dataset.permalink; if (section === 'creative') { var headerX = '-3em' var right = '0%' var otherVideo = intro.querySelector('.video-panel[data-section="solutions"] video') } else { var headerX = '3em' var right = '100%' var otherVideo = intro.querySelector('.video-panel[data-section="creative"] video') } otherVideo.pause() barba.prefetch('/' + section) gsap.to('#intro .video-panel[data-section="creative"]', { duration: 0.5, right: right, ease: "power3.inOut" }) gsap.to('#intro .video-panel[data-section="' + section + '"] video', { duration: 0.5, width: '100vw', height: '100vh', ease: "power3.inOut" }) var circle = gsap.to('#intro .video-panel[data-section="' + section + '"] video', { duration: 1, css: { clipPath: 'ellipse(101vw 101vw)' }, ease: "power3.inOut" }) gsap.to('#intro .video-panel[data-section="' + section + '"] h2', { duration: 0.5, x: headerX, ease: "power3.inOut" }) circle.eventCallback('onComplete', openPage, [section, permalink]) }) // (function videoLoaded() { // vLoaded++; // if (vLoaded === vCount) { // introLoaded(); // pageLoaded(); // } // }) }); Thanks
  2. Welcome to the forums, @COG Digital. It's pretty tough for us to troubleshoot without a minimal demo. This kinda sounds like it might a Barba issue, like you're not tapping into its lifecycle events properly so that your GSAP code runs when the corresponding elements exist but I'm not sure at all. Once we see a minimal demo, perhaps we'll have more insight. Did you add a console.log() right where your tweens are supposed to be firing just to make absolutely sure that they're even getting executed?
  3. https://repl.it/join/wxtqbzvv-eest Hi there. I've run into some trouble implementing Barba JS. The prototype I am working on incorporates BarbaJS for page transitions and Isotope for gallery filtering (which isn't relevant for this query). In the prototype, if you click on 'project' the page transitions from 'home' to 'project' with a swipe. The functionality I would like to implement is that when you close that green project page it swipes the green away to reveal the home page (basically the reverse of the entry tranistion). At the moment, the function to animate that swipe is initiated but the transition doesn't actually occur - the green page just closes. The approach I have taken is to use BarbaJS Rules to designate particular functions on certain events. Any help or comments are greatly appreciated. Of course if a response to another post addresses my query please feel free to point me there. Thanks again.
  4. Hi @GNSNTG. Welcome to the forums. It looks like you're using 2 other 3rd party libraries (LocomotiveScroll and Barba.js) - those aren't GreenSock products so we can't really support them here but if you're dynamically loading content into the same page (so it's not actually refreshing the page and going to a new URL that runs the code from the start), make sure you .kill() all your old ScrollTriggers/animations first and then create the new ones and call ScrollTrigger.refresh() to force it to re-calculate all the start/end trigger positions once things are fully loaded and rendered to the screen. If you want to kill ALL of the ScrollTriggers, you can do that like ScrollTrigger.getAll().forEach(t => t.kill()); If you still need help, please provide a minimal demo, hopefully with no 3rd party libraries. But if you do use 3rd party libraries, don't include your whole project - just isolate the issue in the most minimal way possible (a few <div> elements, for example). Happy tweening/scrolling!
  5. I'm having a problem and i'm unsure as to whether it's either with Barba or Gsap ScrollTrigger itself I have no clue . So in my website , when I go from the homepage to the about page everything works as normal except the horizontal scroll part that I have put in (Facts Section) , thing is I do this very same action on mobile and it works perfectly sometimes and then other times it does the same as it does with the Desktop Version , so it's either my code and the way I have implemented the horizontal scroll but thing is when I go directly to the page as in not through the homepage and just initiate all the functions in about.js independently , everything including the horizontal scroll works as desired and perfectly , so I don't know which is causing the problem , could ye have a look maybe ?? So here is my homepage.js (Barba Init code) //Variable Declarations and Function Definitions let viewBox = "" heading_Pos = [0, 0] displayState = "" hamburger_display_button = Array.from($('.mobile_nav_sticky'))[0] opened_nav_buttons = document.querySelector('.options') logo = $(".Actual_Logo_Svg") // Morphing Circles and ellipses to paths to be able to morph them and checking the viewbox for device size MorphSVGPlugin.convertToPath("ellipse"); shapes = Array.from($('.Logo_In_Shapes path')) const homeInit = () => { viewBox = "", heading_Pos = [0, 0], displayState = "" hamburger_display_button = Array.from($('.mobile_nav_sticky'))[0] opened_nav_buttons = document.querySelector('.options') logo = $(".Actual_Logo_Svg"); // Morphing Circles and ellipses to paths to be able to morph them and checking the viewbox for device size MorphSVGPlugin.convertToPath("ellipse"); shapes = Array.from($('.Logo_In_Shapes path')) } const logo_tl_func = () => { let logo_tl = gsap.timeline({ onComplete: moveLogo, }) // Morphing into the Logo logo_tl.from(shapes, 1, { y: -600, autoAlpha: 0, ease: "bounce", stagger: 0.15 }) logo_tl.to(shapes, 1, { fill: '#F0C368', stagger: 0.05 }) let firstAnimation = gsap.to('.shapes', { duration: 2, morphSVG: ".Logo_Proper_Background" }); let secondAnimation = gsap.to('.textShape', { duration: 2, fill: '#1D373F', morphSVG: ".Logo_Proper_Text" }); logo_tl.add([firstAnimation, secondAnimation]) } const changeViewBox = media_query => { media_query.matches ? viewBox = "-150 -180 2495 890" : viewBox = "-150 -350 3574 880" media_query.matches ? heading_Pos = [-511, -15] : heading_Pos = [-1540, 40]; media_query.matches ? displayState = "none" : displayState = "block" } const moveLogo = () => { gsap.to(logo, { attr: { viewBox: viewBox }, duration: 3 }) fadeInHeadingAndLinks(); } const fadeInHeadingAndLinks = () => { gsap.to('.nav_links', { display: displayState, scale: 1, duration: 3 }) gsap.to('.logo_heading', { display: "block", x: heading_Pos[0], y: heading_Pos[1], // scale:1, duration: 3 }) gsap.to('.mobile_nav_sticky', { display: "block", scale: 1, duration: 5 }, "+=.7") } const pageTransition = () => { var tl = gsap.timeline(); tl.set('.loading_container img', { scale: 0.3 }) tl.to('.loading_container', { duration: 1.2, width: "100%", left: "0%", ease: "circ.out", }) .to('.loading_container img', { scale: 0.6, duration: 1 }, "-=1.2") .to('.loading_container', { duration: 1.2, width: "0%", right: "0%", ease: "circ.out", }) .to('.loading_container img', { scale: 0.3, duration: 1.2 }, "-=1.3") } // Helper Functions const delay = (ms) => { return new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms)); } // Initialization Methods $(document).ready(() => { window.matchMedia("(max-width: 600px)").matches ? logo.attr('viewBox', '-350 -700 1274 1680') : logo.attr('viewBox', '-680 -380 2074 1080') var viewbox = window.matchMedia("(max-width: 600px)") changeViewBox(viewbox) }) hamburger_display_button.onclick = () => { opened_nav_buttons.classList.toggle('open') } barba.init({ sync: true, transitions: [{ name: 'transition-base', preventRunning: true, timeout: 5000, async leave() { const done = this.async(); pageTransition(); await delay(1000); done(); }, async enter() { window.scrollTo(0, 0); }, }], views: [ { namespace: 'home', afterEnter() { homeInit() window.matchMedia("(max-width: 600px)").matches ? logo.attr('viewBox', '-350 -700 1274 1680') : logo.attr('viewBox', '-680 -380 2074 1080') let viewbox = window.matchMedia("(max-width: 600px)") changeViewBox(viewbox) logo_tl_func(); hamburger_display_button.onclick = () => { opened_nav_buttons.classList.toggle('open') } }, }, { namespace: 'about', afterEnter() { aboutInit() face_tl_func() scroll_p_tl_func() scroll_skills_tl_func() scroll_facts_tl_func() }, } ], }); // //Global Hooks // barba.hooks.leave(() => { // const done = this.async(); // pageTransition(); // await delay(1000); // done(); // }) // barba.hooks.enter(() => { // window.scrollTo(0, 0); // }) and here's my about.js // Variable Declarations and Function Definitions let factsContainer_sm = document.querySelector(".factsContainer_sm") const aboutInit =() => { factsContainer_sm = document.querySelector(".factsContainer_sm") let head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0], link = document.createElement('link') link.rel = 'stylesheet' link.href= "../../Resources/CSS/about.css" head.appendChild(link); } const face_tl_func = () => { let face_tl = gsap.timeline(), paths = document.querySelectorAll('.My_Face path'), filledYellowElements = ['.Main_Hair_Part', '.Eyeball_2', '.Eyeball_1', '.Nostril_1', '.Nostril_2', '.Tongue_Part'], filledNavyElements = ['.Pupil_2', '.Pupil_1']; face_tl.set(filledNavyElements, { fill: 'unset' }), face_tl.set(filledYellowElements, { fill: 'unset' }), face_tl.fromTo(paths, { drawSVG: "0%" }, { duration: 1, drawSVG: "100% ", stagger: 0.15 }) let firstAnimation = gsap.to(filledYellowElements, { duration: 2, ease: "slow", fill: '#F0C368' }, "-=.7"), secondAnimation = gsap.to(filledNavyElements, { duration: 2, ease: "bounce", fill: '#1D373F' }, "-=.7") face_tl.add([firstAnimation, secondAnimation]) } const scroll_p_tl_func = () => { let scroll_tl = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: '.content', start: "top center", end: "+=1000", markers: true, scrub: true // pin: true } }) scroll_tl.to('.first', { transform: "rotateX(50deg) rotateZ(331deg) translateX(42px)", duration: .5, }), scroll_tl.to('.flag', { scale: 1 }, '-=.1'), scroll_tl.addLabel("first_down") scroll_tl.to('.second', { transform: "rotateX(50deg) rotateZ(331deg) translateX(42px)", duration: 2, }, "first_down-=.1") scroll_tl.addLabel("second_down") scroll_tl.to('.third', { transform: "rotateX(50deg) rotateZ(331deg) translateX(42px)", duration: 2, }, "second_down-=.01") } const scroll_skills_tl_func = () => { let scroll_tl = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: '.skillsContainer', start: "top center", markers: true, } }), barWidth = "", bars = [...document.querySelectorAll('.bar')] bars.map(bar => { barWidth = bar.dataset.width; let barAnimation = gsap.to(bar, { width: barWidth, }), percentageAniamtion = gsap.to('.percentage', { scale: 1, }) scroll_tl.add([barAnimation, percentageAniamtion]); }) } const scroll_facts_tl_func = () => { let scroll_tl = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: '.factsContainer', start: "top center", // pin: true, scrub: true, end: "+=300", markers: true, } }), facts = [...document.querySelectorAll('.fact')] scroll_tl.to('.factsContainer h2', { scale: 1.5, duration: 1, ease: "slow" }) scroll_tl.to(facts, { xPercent: -85 * (facts.length - 1), scrollTrigger: { trigger: ".factsContainer_sm", start: "center center", pin: true, // pinSpacing:false, markers: true, scrub: 1, snap: 1 / (facts.length - 1), // base vertical scrolling on how wide the container is so it feels more natural. end: () => `+=${factsContainer_sm.offsetWidth}` } }); } // //Initialization Methods aboutInit() face_tl_func() scroll_p_tl_func() scroll_skills_tl_func() scroll_facts_tl_func() Here's the website homepage - https://adamoceallaigh.netlify.app/ Here's the about page - https://adamoceallaigh.netlify.app/about.html Appreciate all the help ye can give , if ye can , can ye check both mobile and desktop versions. 🤙 Cheers Adam
  6. I create barba.js page transition whith GSAP animation, barba.js is working but gsap animation is not working, when i change the href path location like href="./html/service.html" to href="service.html" its working fine <nav> <ul> <li><a href="index.html">Home</a></li> <li><a href="./html/servics.html">Services</a></li> </ul> </nav>
  7. Hello, I made a simple page transition (block reveal) animation with GSAP and barba.js. The animation works fine, but I have a flickering effect because the new page loads before the "leave" animation is done. I don't know how to fix this ... maybe a JS wizard could help? I attached the file. Thanks, page transition.zip
  8. With GSAP and Barba.js, I would like to use different types of page transitions corresponding to the link clicked. The followings are example links: •one included in the hamburger menu •one outside the hamburger menu •one linked to the home page •one linked to inner pages In addition, I have one more question. when using Barba.js, GSAP script in html doesn't work. Could you tell me how I can make it work? *I would like to load different scripts depending on pages Thanks in advance!
  9. I am trying to make a simple overlay transition effect with barba and gsap. when I click on the Page 02 link the overlay transition effect move across the page from left to right but the page did not change, I will have to click on the link the second time for the page to change how can I fix this thanks. Barba.Pjax.start(); var FadeTransition = Barba.BaseTransition.extend({ start: function() { Promise .all([this.newContainerLoading, this.fadeOut()]) .then(this.fadeIn.bind(this)); }, fadeOut: function() { const TransitionPromise = new Promise(function(resolve){ const OutTransition = new TimelineMax(); OutTransition // .set(".cover", {display:"block", y:"100%"}) .to(".cover", 0.5, {width: "100%", ease: Power2.easeOut}) .to(".cover", 0.5, {width: "0", left:"100%", ease: Power2.easeOut}) //.set(".cover", {display:"none"}); }); return TransitionPromise; }, fadeIn: function() { let _this = this; //TweenLite.set(this.oldContainer, {display:"none"}); TweenLite.to(this.newContainer, 0.1, {opacity:1, onComplete:function(){ _this.done(); } }); } }); Barba.Pjax.getTransition = function() { return FadeTransition; };
  10. Hi, I'm currently working on a website using Gsap ScrollTrigger. What I'm trying to achieve is showing a "previous-next post" button when the user has reached the bottom of the page. Which is working almost ok when the page is not resized. So on the page I have 2 scrollTriggers: 1. A horizontal gallery of images (with a media match) 2. The previous-next button. 1: let slider = document.querySelector('.hor-slide--project'); setTimeout(function(){ ScrollTrigger.matchMedia({ "(min-width: 992px)": function() { gsap.to(slider, { x: () => -(slider.scrollWidth - document.documentElement.clientWidth) + 'px', ease: 'none', scrollTrigger: { trigger: '.hor-slider-container', start: 'top top', //pinReparent: true, invalidateOnRefresh: true, pin: true, // scrub: .25, scrub: 0, // end: () => '+=' + slider.offsetWidth // end: 4000, end: () => slider.scrollWidth, } }); }, }); }, 1); 2: setTimeout(function(){ ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger: '.single-project', start: 'bottom bottom+=50px', //end: 'bottom bottom', invalidateOnRefresh: true, //markers: true, onEnter: self => { gsap.to('.prev-next', 1, {y: '-100%', ease: Expo.easeOut}) }, onLeaveBack: self => { gsap.to('.prev-next', .5, {y: '0', ease: Expo.easeOut}) } }); }, 100); I'm using setTimeout because in addition to gsap scrollTrigger I'm using Barba.js, and I need to delay, but it doesn't seem to be the problem, I removed the setTimeout and the problem still occurs. For the second scrollTrigger, I have used onEnter and onLeaveBack, this might not be the best way but that's the only way I found so far (I might be part of the problem), so 50px before the bottom of the '.single-project' block reach the bottom of the viewport (start: 'bottom bottom+=50px'), show the prev-next, otherwise hide it. The problem is that when I resize the window from mobile (< 992px) to desktop (> 992px), the prev-next button is now showing to early, before I reach the bottom of the page. Step to reproduce the bug: 1. Load the page on desktop, scroll to the bottom, the prev-next is showing (great) 2. Resize the window (< 992px), the first horizontal gallery scroll is "killed", scroll to the bottom, the prev-next is still showing at the right time (amazing) 3. Re-resize the window (> 992px), the first horizontal gallery is "recreated", and now if you scroll around the page, you can see prev-next showing too early, before you reached the end of the page. I tried refresh and also invalidateOnRefresh true or false, without success, it doesn't want to work. I guess I'm doing something wrong, probably the way I try to show the prev-next, using onEnter and onLeaveBack. Must be a more clever way to do that. Thank you.
  11. Hello, a few years ago I worked a lot with GSAP, so 2017/2018. I'm currently building a smaller project where I want to load content via ajax, there are elements in it that I want to pick up and put in a timeline for a transition and I'm getting desperate ^^. I had done something similar a few years ago, but barba.js was involved - its own challenge - but this is overkill and there are promises and async await - so I thought. On the net and here in the forum is not very much to find on this and the little I have tried everything without success. Sorry I don't have a CodePen example yet, but and am now at the point that I have to ask: Does this work at all? Thanks a lot
  12. Welcome to the GreenSock forums! Glad you’re here. It’s a wonderful place to learn and get your questions answered. What topics can I post about here? We love answering questions that are directly related to GreenSock tools. API questions, bug reports, or if you’re wondering why GSAP behaves a certain way - those types of posts are welcome around here. What topics should be avoided? As much as we love solving problems, the following types of questions are beyond the scope of what we generally provide here for free: Logic issues. JavaScript and application logic, CSS setup, and generic troubleshooting that isn’t directly related to GreenSock tools. Third party tools. Frameworks (React, Angular), other JavaScript libraries (LocomotiveScroll, Barba), build tools, etc. We’re happy to help with the GSAP part of things if you strip out as much irrelevant code as possible and provide a minimal demo. “How do I do this cool effect I saw on a trendy website?” Someone here may point you in the right direction but please don't expect a full tutorial on how to create and effect you saw on a slick web site. Where else can I go for help? If your question is primarily about another tool, try looking for a forum or GitHub repository about that tool. If it’s a general programming-related question, try StackOverflow. Want feedback about your working code? We’d be glad to take a peek at GSAP-specific code but for more general topics (like performance or application logic) we’d suggest something like CodeReview. Read first Please read Getting Started with GSAP, common GSAP mistakes (maybe also common ScrollTrigger mistakes), as well as the GSAP docs before asking your question. Often you’ll get your question answered just by doing that! Make a minimal demo This helps provide context and gives us a rough idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. It's WAY better than trying to dig into a live website with lots of other things going on, or looking at a small excerpt of code without much context. Pro tip: It's often easier to create a minimal demo from scratch rather than stripping out irrelevant things from your original project. You will GREATLY increase your chances of getting a prompt answer if you create a minimal demo. After you've posted a demo to our forums, please click the "Fork" button on CodePen before making future changes so that context is not lost for future readers of the forum. Be courteous We try to treat people the way we’d want to be treated around here. Please do the same. Also keep in mind that the people answering your post are doing so for free! Most of our regular contributors gain nothing from helping you except the satisfaction of doing so. Please give them your gratitude and respect. Ask away! We’re eager to help, so make a minimal demo and ask your question! We’ll do our best to answer it promptly. Pay it forward - help someone else The best way to learn is to teach someone. You’d be surprised how much you grow when you try answering some questions here! We are so grateful for the group of volunteers dedicated to helping others in these forums. It’s quite satisfying to come alongside a fellow developer who is struggling and deliver a clever solution to their issue. Become a contributor! You do NOT need to be an expert. Anyone...and we do mean anyone...is welcome here.
  13. Hi All… Trying to learn GSAP using Barba – I’m self-taught so constantly running into issues and thanks for this forum it has helped in many ways. I am hoping this question can be answered without a demo, because I am working in a dynamic environment and my issue is related to navigating from project to project, which technically is the same layout within the system, just loading in the content dynamically based on the project. To set this up, using JS & HTML, I have the latest versions of GSAP, ScrollTrigger, & Barba plugged up and the page transitions work from one page type to the next – took some time, but slowly figured it out. My issue now, are the project pages of the site within the portfolio section. The first time you navigate to a project, the page transitions and tl animations work as I created. The problem is when I navigate from one project page to the next project, on leave the page transitions out as expected, but then nothing is happening on enter. The page transition and tl animation don’t seem to reload. I have tried kill, reset, & clearProps – it could be the placement, but tried it many places with no luck. Based on the console logs everything is firing based on the sequence I setup, but I feel the whole page/timelines/ScrollTrigger needs to be reset/restart. Also, not sure where to place the reset – within Barba I am using both views and transitions. It is just the page is loading on to itself so how do I reset everything, so it starts all over and goes through all the animations when you go to the next project page. Any direction or link to other examples would be helpful.
  14. I can not really give you any advice on that without seeing it in context, I'm afraid. There are just too many possible reasons why it doesn't work as you'd expect. It might be just another logic problem that you'd have to find a solution for within the context of barba (which would be my best guess here), like having to kill all your ScrollTriggers when leaving a page and re-initializing the page-specific ScrollTriggers when entering a new page. You'll find a link collection to different threads on that one in this thread here. It might just as well be something totally different, though. This thread here might also be helpful, as it links to another code example of GSAP together with Barba and to @ihatetomatoes' learning ressources. He also offers awesome courses on GSAP with Barba, the latest of them also with ScrollTrigger incorporated, if I am not mistaken. These forums actually try to stay focussed on GSAP specific questions, but if none of those ressources linked to does help you find a solution, I could take a peek at your code, if you'd update your codepen project (or even better create a minimal new one so the context of the previous questions remains intact) and I find the time.
  15. @akapowl thank you very much - I would have never figured that out on my own. Plus I have not seen any other examples setup this way anywhere. I feel like I have seen these types of pages transitions using GSAP & Barba. This has solved my initial issue and your explanation makes sense. I am just not 100% sure I understand the pattern, but again not a JS expert at all. I got these changes added to a more complex framework and got the base page transitions working. Based on this page type is leaves & enters how i want - and set it for 2 different pages types! Now, I am running into other issues where I need to reset GSAP arrays... So within the individual page enter function, we are animating other elements after the page loads and when the user scrolls down the page - we have images staggering/animating in with a parallax effect. Any thoughts on how to reset these too? using your (el) to reset the elements within these functions. So these work on the initial page load, but not when you go to next container with the same namespace these arrays are not starting from scratch. example of one of the arrays - how would I reset something like this? sap.utils.toArray('.section-parallax .parallax-content').forEach((section, i) => { const heightDiff = section.offsetHeight - section.parentElement.offsetHeight; gsap.fromTo(section, { y: -heightDiff }, { scrollTrigger: { id: 'collectionParallax', trigger: section.parentElement, scrub: true }, y: 90, ease: "none" }); }); Is my issue a combination of GSAP & Barba ? Or strictly a Barba issue? Or is it how I am structuring my JS? I guess I was naïve to think that I could just reset everything back to the initial starting point when the next container loads. Let me know if you if you have any thoughts or other examples we can take a look at. Thank you for the help. Made it over a big hurdle! No on to the next one!
  16. Hey @digitalfunction My initial response was totally heading in the wrong direction, so I hope this time I got your problem right. If so, it is a barba related logic problem, that I myself actually stumpled upon in a bit different way and that one of my first questions here was about, so I'll try to help you out here. The reason the individual elements do not animate in anymore on page-change is because in your JS you only get the elements once on page load. Since the elements that are being stored in those variables will get wiped by barba on page-change, there will be no more reference to any elements anymore that you could animate in. So on every page-change you'll have to get the neccessary elements from scratch, as they will change every time. I did that inside each of the functions you are calling here for the animations, and it seems to work just as I'd expect. Is that what you were going for? https://codepen.io/akapowl/project/editor/d04bbd7aa2fcc207f1ab0b363835fab2
  17. Here is the link to the codepen project files - https://codepen.io/jeff-stark/project/editor/XLQNOO Again the demo is static, but the site I am working on is dynamic so the different page types will have different animations - so if you navigate from one subpage to another subpage (namespace = the same name) everything should reset or recalculate so the animations start all over from scratch. Same concept for portfolio page types to the next portfolio page type. I am not sure if my issue is with gsap3 or barba. I am basically trying to reset/refresh/recalculate all the animations to start from scratch when you go back and forth between the 2 pages. When the page initially loads and leaves all the animation trigger - main container. black background, the page title, then the content. It all animates out as I want it, but the next container only animates the main container and everything beyond that does not. I have tried everything - kill, restart, to, from, fromTo etc... I can get the main container within the barba wrapper to animate between the pages, but data-barba="container" data-barba-namespace="subpage" does not reset. Once it goes to the next page/container the timeline inline styles are removed from the data-barba-namspace="subpage" containers so it does not animate. Not sure why this is happening. GSAP - Again, I have tried just about everything - I am novice to JavaScript so having a hard time figuring this out. Barba - tried "views", different transition namespaces, all the different hooks - just not sure where to put the kill or reset or whatever I am missing to make it reset all the timeline values on the next container. I am hoping someone can help. PLEASE and thank you for your time. Let me know what else you need.
  18. When working with GSAP and Barba I've found the best approach is to wrap your gsap timelines in functions and call them on barba transitions/views. You tried that? Something like: function pageTransition() { // your splittext / other onload stuff } Then: barba.init({ // barba configurations here transitions: [{ // or 'views' depending on your use case async enter(data) { pageTransition() console.log('Transitions: Enter'); }, }] }); // barba.init
  19. Hi there @vladdesign, It's hard to debug without a look at the barba.js issue but it sounds like it's down to how barba.js is replacing/loading the DOM This thread has links to a few previous forum posts that may prove useful - Good luck with your project - I hope this helps.
  20. Good afternoon. I managed to make a transition animation when clicking on "Back", but when clicking on a link with index.html it is not possible to implement flip. In Slack Barba, only one person answered me, but he says that barba is not very good... But it turns out to make an animation in the cover__div block... P.S.: codesandbox why doesn't it work out the transition here... https://codesandbox.io/s/withered-river-i8cqs?file=/index.html Maybe there is really some option with another plugin for the transition? 😒
  21. It might have something to do with the fact that it has redirect to get the latest version, so it will return this. https://unpkg.com/@barba/core@2.9.7/dist/barba.umd.js It might be swapping the instance out in the middle of the transition.
  22. It's really not working all the way. If you change the duration, it won't complete. It should wait 10 seconds before showing the next page. Locally it will work fine. It's just something with codesandbox's environment. 🤷‍♂️ barba.init({ transitions: [ { name: "opacity-transition", leave(data) { return gsap.to(data.current.container, { opacity: 0.2, duration: 10 }); }, enter(data) { return gsap.from(data.next.container, { opacity: 0.8, duration: 10 }); } } ] });
  23. Very interesting, I realized that js barba periodically falls off when it is connected like this: https://unpkg.com/@barba/core But when I saved it and connected it locally as a file barba.umd.js, it stopped falling off
  24. Yes, about him. It's just that if codesandbox couldn't work with barba, then the usual opacity wouldn't work, right?
  25. By the way, this code works, but why doesn't the other option work? barba.init({ transitions: [{ name: 'opacity-transition', leave(data) { return gsap.to(data.current.container, { opacity: 0.2 }); }, enter(data) { return gsap.from(data.next.container, { opacity: 0.8 }); } }] });