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  1. @elegantseagulls - thanks for pushing me in the right direction! For future folks reading this - in this instance, that means I used: .section {transition: none;} and the scroll was smooth!
  2. Yeah, I'm aware of all of those CSS animations and of how to inspect my elements to see them. Maybe I'm not asking the question specifically enough or this isn't the forum for it. I'm wondering what CSS transition folks are seeing that is bumping into my GSAP JS positioning - as in, what is the issue when I'm using the compiler versus inserting raw HTML into the compiler. When I'm using the theme, but inserting Raw Content into an element, the scrollTrigger works just fine. When I try to use the compiler to recreate what I've built in HTML using compiler elements, the gsap script stutters. I'm just trying to understand the difference here, so that I can use gsap in a production site. I simply don't want to handcode every site I want to use gsap on. I understand it's a "communication" issue between my wp theme and the script, but I'm not seeing *exactly* where the issue lies. I understand the CSS transitions in the screen you posted @OSUblake, but I'm not seeing any specific inherited transitions that would mess with the scripts. Here's the compiler using raw code (very rough bare version of the horizontal scroll). https://kristyleehanson.com/gsapforumtest/ TL;DR - I'm wondering where the problem lies between this raw html and the compiler elements - I haven't been able to hunt it down yet. I have a feeling once it's pointed out, it'll be a real forehead slap for me, but extra eyes and specified guidance would be amazing.
  3. Totally - this may be the crux of my question. I've deleted the script post line 29 and the horizontal scroll is still jerky. As I haven't written ANY CSS transitions - can I ask where you're seeing these? They may be inherited through my compiler and I'm just not seeing then.
  4. So this is the same exact JS I use when I load raw content (straight up HTML) into my dev site and the scroll works great - real smooth. The issue is when I try to use the builder. I'm trying to avoid handcoding everything and am running into problems. There's some funky communication between the WYSIWYG builder and the JS (the link above). In both instances, the sections is not defined on line 29 (but the script runs on the raw content and not the builder).
  5. Hey folks - running into an issue with developing a smooth horizontal scroll. I'm building in Wordpress (using pro). When I feed in raw html, the horizontal scroll is buttery smooth. When I try to use the builder, I get a real jerky scroll. I have a feeling there's a simple solution, I just can't find the problem. Help is appreciated - thanks! here's the same info on a wp page: https://kristyleehanson.com/testgsap/ (and yes, I'll be sharing this on a wp forum too).