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  1. thank for reply, but even in your example paper moves from conus, i need it like when i scroll down it moves to conus, i tried to use rotate3d on parent but then paper rotates too, i just need your exact example but paper moves in opposite direction
  2. where can i create something like this?
  3. thank you very much for quick reply) but i dont really know how to create such a thing)
  4. i want paper to go to conus but it moves backwards and i cannot understand how to change it, help please
  5. i have one more question what to do if i want my first point be higher then center of window? if i do it now it jumps to first point without scroll
  6. Thank you very much, you are the best! it works exactly how i wanted
  7. thanks, it works almost how i want but it doesnt move back when i scroll up if i remove 'scrub' and it move smoothly to first point and not smoothly to second can u help why? https://codepen.io/alexanderbredun/pen/Vwpqdgw
  8. thanks for reply, but i need a little bit different, when i scroll once big red moves to little red immediately, when i scroll one move time it moves to green little
  9. I want very simple thing, big red div on one scroll goes to little red div, at second scroll it goes to green one, cannot really understand how to achieve it, please help,