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  1. hi all, i want to show the text after 40vh scroll with fixed position with fade in effect which is initially hidden, but some where i am missing very basic logic!! please help me to find it. Thank you!!
  2. hi Cassie, Thank you so much, have cleared console errors, and tried your lines too,, and try many more options too. var animateOne = gsap.timeline(); animateOne.startTime(4); animateOne .from ("#blab", {x: 100, opacity: 0, duration: 1}) and added a start time too, Can I write like this? have updated in same example of codepen,, and before - page transition, am try to hide the logo completely ,, for that have added an opacity to "ID". but still initially the logo is appearing!! can you please suggest me some thing to hide complete svg for couple of seconds,,
  3. hi, my plan is to play barba.js page layers transition first - and - then animation for a svg logo. but both are start at a time, have tried delay options, but it's not working. or another option i am trying too.. first logo animation plays - and - then the page layer transition.
  4. Hi cassie, Thank you thank you so much,, it helps a lot. you are absolutely correct have tried many things at a single time.. Thank you
  5. hi, trying to achieve this type of horizontal scrolling like in reference by using scroll triggers and then as it continued. but its overlapping on other section . the reference site is - https://www.ics.ac.jp/jointexhibition2021/en/ please suggest me, WhatsApp Video 2021-10-10 at 11.16.00.mp4
  6. Looking for a freelance GSAP developer that can help me with some animations. main page will have - welcome section, about, what we do section. work section, this work section will be the same as work page, but just 6-7 thumbnails will be there in index page from there will and redirection to work page. and work page will have - only vimeo videos links with small title below - like https://www.ics.ac.jp/jointexhibition2021/en/ - horizontal scrolling like this, https://tympanus.net/Development/GlitchyGrid/ - thumbnails move like this with mouse move, or like this (https://wanda.net/) - video have to open in modal like - GSAP example on gsap main page .. have attached a png for reference. Anyone interested please DM me or send email to rajuprdp@gmail.com, call or whatsApp - 8977727007 if you're interested in this job. Thanks!
  7. hello great community, am a freelance nature and documentary photographer!! web animation is always my passion to watch, and am trying to learn something, and completely new to GSAP world, yesterday have started experimenting and examples are really inspire to learn. Yesterday i learn horizontal scrolling. here in this example, i am trying to achieve image comparison inside a horizontal scrolling section, -> where sections ended in the mid of animation and quickly jump to next section!! help me to complete image comparison first, then scroll to next section. And from tween for a titles and text is not working..... and i need suggestion to slow and smooth scroll in-between sections, have tried many as possible, but its not happening with me,,
  8. Hey hi, I am completely new to GSAP world, i am trying to learn many things from forum and gsap -demo, and trying from today. this trail is about horizontal scroll, have tried from demos, my plan is to achieve scroll some thing like this header | what-we-do -> work-sec -> about | contact section but after (what-we-do) section, background colors of all sections are disappearing!! have achieved horizontal scroll but its not in a proper way, Please check my code and let me know where did i missed things??