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  1. Hi Jack, sorry I wasn't more clear. I'd like to use pinSpacing, but when I do, it adds too much space to each pinned element.
  2. (recommend viewing the codepen in a separate tab) So I have a situation where I need to pin multiple elements from the same trigger. They're all sibling elements, but I can't pin the entire container because it contains iframes that will reload (unacceptable since they're ads) when the container is wrapped with the pin-spacer. When I have a short trigger element, this works totally fine (probably because nothing actually needs to be pinned). However, when I have a longer trigger element, the pin spacing creates extra space between the pin elements. If I turn pinSpacing off, the pinned content overflows the container (which I think makes sense). Have tried working around this and manually setting the pinSpacing a few different ways and I'm coming up short. Any ideas?