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  1. Hey Carl, thx for your replay i understand your solution. it was not the one i was hoping for but it can be very solid im going to implement it now. and maybe later try to look for maybe an plugin for nested objects or so like TweenMax.to(clip, 1, {nested:{position:{x:0}}, ease: Back.easeOut} or try to hack a rewrite into it TweenMax.to(clip, 1, {'position.x':0, ease: Back.easeOut}
  2. Hey Jamie, thx for your reply, i know thats posible but imagine i have this clip and i want to do every thing in one animation var clip = { rotation: 10 position: {x:100, y:100}, anchor: {x:0,y:0} alpha:1 } TweenMax.to(clip, 1,{position:{x:200}, alpha:0) i know i can do it like this new TimelineMax() .to(clip, 1, {alpha:0},0) .to(clip.position, 1, {x:0},0) but i was just wondering if there was a better way for doing this and combine it in one tween. so when i want adjust the timing i dont have to fix it on several places
  3. Hey there, Is is posible to animate a property of an child object example for better explantion var clip = { position: {x: 100, y:100} } TweenMax.to(clip, 1, {position:{x:200}}) or maybe TweenMax.to(clip, 1, {'position.x':200}) thx in advance