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  1. https://codepen.io/PointC/pen/QWpJdpz Thanks for your help, but this animation only works in google chrome, it doesn't work in firefox. Is it possible to fix it?
  2. Thanks, but there are two small problems. 1. For some unknown reason, the circle does not seem to fit completely, cuts are visible in it. I set different values for the viewbox, but these cuts are still visible. 2. The animation works, but is it possible to add a background stroke like in the picture ? How can these problems be solved? Here is the code itself https://codepen.io/asd123asd1/pen/jOBQMKM Thanks in advance, I will be grateful
  3. Hello, I found an animation that, when scrolling, fills a strip of a circle. I decided to do the same on scrolltrigger. I found this animation on this site https://digital.vtb.ru/digest/2021-apr/ I also uploaded a photo of how it looks Probably this is done as something with svg, or with a blue background at the back? I do not know how to implement this on scrolltrigger. I hope for your help. Thanks in advance