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  1. Colir

    x or y using percent

    ok. it will be great if percent works, because actually this can be done with pure css. thanks a lot.
  2. Hi. I would like to know how to use % with the transform matrix (x: or y:) ? thsi work well with top, or left, but not with x or y... thanks
  3. Colir

    TweenLite and stagger

    ok i understand. i'm been a big user of tweenMax on flash, and now that flash is going down for website, i made a project with tweenLite JS. This is just AMAZING dude !! thanks a lot.
  4. Hi, I would like to know, id there is a way to tween multiple object, with a little delay by usin tweenLite The idea is to have the staggerTo effect but without tweenMax, and without create a loop throw my objects thanks
  5. Colir

    TweenLite repeat

    Hi, i would like to know if it's there a plugin to add to tweenLite to get the "repeat" method? I just want this feature, and getting TweenMax just for this, is to heavier for my project... thanks
  6. Ho yes ! i totally forget this method thanks a lot
  7. Hi, i've a little question about loadermax and bitmap dispose. i create an image galerie I load an image width an Imageloader instance with cahce (noCache:false). when i change to another project, i clear all my previous image with bitmapdata.dispose() this work well, but when i came back on a previous project my image doesn't appear, as loaderImage doesn't recreate a bitmapData instance... any idea or solution ? thanks