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  1. Thanks for always helping me @GreenSock 😊
  2. @GreenSock yes you understand my question correctly what i wanted to do here and its working now but only a small problem, when we reach at the end we see Green Color which is Body Background Color and it should not be visible, its looks like an extra 100vw and it should now be there, when we reach at end there should only be SectionD
  3. I created this basic horizontal scroll website and my problem is when my Section Width is more than 100vw its not working properly, i want all section should be visible and scrollable. Thank you.
  4. Thank you @OSUblake 😊 you did understand and did what exactly i was trying to achieve. GSAPSlideTL.reverse(); if (!i) { GSAPSlideTL.reversed(false).progress(1); ActiveElement = GSAPSlideTL; } this.ActiveTL = GSAPSlideTL; This code make it worked πŸŽ‰ thank you GSAP Team 😊
  5. we can play animations when we click on the Nav "Slides 1 2 3..." and i want it to start as Slides[0] index array element that is Slide A as already Played or Finished animation, and then we can click on Nav slides to play the animation the issue im having is, i want when i click on Slide 2 3 4 or 5 it should Overwrite gsap.set property Slides[0] by GSAPSlideTL or in other words Slides[0] is not working when click animation to play GSAPSlideTL thank you
  6. https://codepen.io/AkhilRaja/pen/zYwayRK?editors=0010 Its done now and its working 😊 Thank you so much @OSUblake and everyone in GSAP for always helping me πŸŽ‰
  7. Thanks @OSUblake ill start working on it😊
  8. I want to create a hover animation when I move my mouse on Slide 1, Slide 2, Slide 3,... etc will animate Slide A, Slide B, Slide C,... etc I successfully created hover animation when I move my mouse on Slide A, Slide B, Slide C,... etc to animate the target element but can not create this animation work for Slide 1, Slide 2, Slide 3,... etc because these elements have two different parent element so I can not make it work. I hope anyone can figure this out and help me thank you.
  9. Yes this work now thank you for always helping me 😊
  10. @OSUblake can you add codes here and test it thank you!
  11. onEnter: () => HomePageScrollTrigger.play().timeScale(-5), onLeave: () => HomePageScrollTrigger.reverse().timeScale(5), onEnterBack: () => HomePageScrollTrigger.play().timeScale(-5), onLeaveBack: () => HomePageScrollTrigger.reverse().timeScale(5), this also didn't work
  12. then i do this and its also not work onEnter: () => HomePageScrollTrigger.play().timeScale(1), onLeave: () => HomePageScrollTrigger.reverse().timeScale(5), onEnterBack: () => HomePageScrollTrigger.play().timeScale(1), onLeaveBack: () => HomePageScrollTrigger.reverse().timeScale(5),
  13. i created a very simple scroll trigger animation, and i want to use gsap scrollTrigger "Rich callback system" onLeave: () => action.timeScale(2).reverse(), to speed up the reverse animation on leaving the the div