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  1. The opacity goes to 0 to 1. I just want that, after this animation, further scrolling does not start the following animation soon, but after a bit of scrolling.
  2. OK maybe a code snipped would help.. gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: this.aperitifSection.nativeElement, scrub: true, pin: true } }) .to(this.aperitifBg.nativeElement, { opacity: 1 }) // <!-- this is an animated background. After this I want the user scroll enjoing for some time this animation .to(this.aperitifImg.nativeElement, { top: "100vh" }) how could I modify the code?
  3. Hi. I'm really enjoying GSAP animation but I'm having some troubles with scrollTrigger. In general I didn't understand how to "control" the time of animation based on the quantity of scroll of the user. Is it possible?