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  1. I am trying to change the background image every-time the screen snaps to new section horizontally. In real implementation it is only changing the once for first section (probably because marker hits there only once while vertical scroll) Is there anyway to set horizontal marker change position in scroll trigger to trigger something while reaching past some value horizontally.. Or any other alternative to get the effect working.
  2. I am trying to stop the stagger animation in between. (check the codepen) I want to freeze the stagger at this particular state (below image). How to do it properly considering scrolltrigger is enabled as well?
  3. Great thanks for the prompt response. The all in one i have read somewhere in the migration guide.. that you merged Tweenmax and others plugins in one core gsap. May be i could have misinterpreted. Also regarding the features table thanks for mentioning but i believe, docs page is not the appropriate section to put paid features table. May be similiar to pricing page in any other website we see, that would be more easy to find. I never visited the docs page.. I simply google the term whose documentation i need to read and it simply lands me to that page or in other cases the getting started page is more good for a quick overview. Also, I was trying to learn the fundamentals and i see there is too much to do here.. docs are well maintained but still learning curve is little steep. I was struggling with the snapping on parallax sections, i have tried implementing the exact same technique as in your forums ... spend 10+ hours read 20+ gsap forums topics but still don't know why exact same thing failing in my web structure.. I shall create a basic codepen to replicate and share here. Thanks.
  4. I am very much confused with the all these libraries.. On the homepage it says all in one .. You just need to import gsap single file. Then on examples i see people have included scrollTo and scrolltrigger separately. Then i see all these libraries are paid. There is no simple table which can tell the difference between free and paid gsap apart from community benefits. Is it like we get some features in pro that are not in free version?? If that is the case all of those codepen are useless for newcomers, because i might be trying hours on some feature which is eventually paid and i am not aware of those. Please can you please resolve the questions ?