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  1. Steroids is a super tool, Thank you!. Could you show examples of not only the code with Gsap but also how you build the blocks in Elementor? I tried an horizontal scroll but it did not work.
  2. I have not yet been able to find out what the error is. I am going to buy a hosting to upload the project since I am using elementor. Thanks
  3. Yes, there's an error when I inspect the page in the navigator dev tool . It is related to the ScrollToPlugin.min.
  4. Same problem. I am using a plugin called Steroides for Elementor that include Barba.js but I can't get it work.
  5. Sorry for not sending a url but I am working directly on Elementor on my local instance. As you can see in the image the position of the start and end points (markers) of the element and the trigger are fixed in the viewport and will never meet each other to generate the interaction I want to show. I have not been able to use the ScrollTrigger property because this happens with any element of the page. I would really appreciate your help as this has me stuck. Thanks