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  1. Hi there! I saw this website in the showcase section: https://www.davidwilliambaum.com/ I was just wondering what going on there for what concern the images follow mouse and gallery/zoom effect? The result is really smooth! Is there any possibility to reproduce it with GSAP?
  2. Oh I see. Very appreciate thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to set an Horizontal Scroll for the desktop version and a Vertical scroll for the mobile. In order to do that I use the "matchMedia" property in my JS and is pretty cool, but once you resize the screen the scroll is not working as it should. The scroll behavior in the responsive mode works only if the screen is resized. Any thoughts about that? Thanks.
  4. Thank you @Cassie! That's exaclty what I'm looking for
  5. Ok maybe I figured out what is causing trouble. https://codepen.io/sml-k/pen/RwpxPKb This trick works very fine but when I use a margin-top it actually doesn't aligned properly (please see the previous comment). Basically I used margin top in css combined with an opposite transition value in gsap. IE: move "mydiv" of y: 100px, and then in css "mydiv" margin-top: -100px (this allows me to aligned an element in his original position when scrolled)
  6. Yeah I'm uploading my Codepen, but I didn't understand how do I insert a function in order to grab the updated values on resize...
  7. Thanks for the feedback! So to update my value I need to use a function, but would be something like that: ScrollTrigger.refresh(); y: (refresh) => -height / 2.5 (I'm sorry but I will eventually need some lessons of javascript)
  8. That's what I'm trying to resolve. For every images that has a transition effect passed by GSAP, in IOS Safari will be not aligned properly due the browser chrome. (as you can see there is a white space under the bar) I'm looking for a solution like refreshing the animation on window resize or something like that... would be that possibile?
  9. Hi there, You are right! I tried to reproduce what i'm trying to achieve here: https://codepen.io/sml-k/pen/RwpxPKb Basically when I use an Iphone the images are not aligned as they should: https://cdpn.io/sml-k/debug/RwpxPKb/PNkvYXDxRoBA
  10. Hi there! I'm approaching GSAP during these week and I have noticed something odd that affects the layout when the screen is resized (responsive mode) I've already set all the value to percentage in the js file, and so in .vh for the css margin. I think that a solution could be refresh the element position once resized a page Considered all the device (IOS UI bar)