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  1. Thank you The first link seems to be about rotating a camera on itself to look at another object. Not my case. The second is about rotation on user input (dragging the camera) but i had no problem implementing this part.
  2. Thank you @Cassie But it's my understanding that the autoRotate it's only for infinite rotation and it's linear. Instead i need to rotate to a specific position and stop.
  3. Hi everyone I've started yesterday playing around with GSAP for work and so far i'm having a lot of fun :D. My objective is to have a simple 3d object at the center of my scene and a camera to rotate around it. So far so good. But i'm having trouble implementing a reset function for the camera, when a button is clicked the camera should go back to the starting position with an animation. https://jsfiddle.net/tomthebearded/dkug68to/ As you can see when you run the jsfiddle what i've tried until now is changing the position of the camera with gsap.to but it's not right effect for my project. Changing the position in this way makes the camera basically move close to the center before moving out to reach the final position. What i need is more a rotation around the object to reach a defined position. Is there a way to achieve this?