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  1. Thank you, folks! I'm exited to start playing with some more stuff, for sure
  2. You could achieve something close to their effect using my method, by "pushing" the points using a fixed variable, rather than the mouse position. I did this in the demo animation for the tutorial: https://codepen.io/georgedoescode/pen/Popppge May be of some help! It's not exactly the same, but could be something to go off
  3. Hey! I'm a little late to the party here, but Cassie sent me this thread a few weeks ago, and it inspired me to write a tutorial on achieving a similar button effect. Here's an example from the tutorial: https://codepen.io/georgedoescode/pen/MWppJao And here's the tutorial itself: https://georgefrancis.dev/writing/create-a-liquid-hover-effect-with-gsap-and-svg/ Hopefully it comes in handy for some folks trying to recreate this kinda thing in the future