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  1. Hi @GreenSock, Thank you so much for your cool decision! To make inertia when braking is directly super! It remains only to understand how to adjust the movement in different directions with different speeds
  2. Hi @mikel, Thank you so much! I studied on your answers and learned a lot new thanks to you! Thanks to your answer, I think I understand how to make different directions, but I need him to stop when hover and not scroll. I want to try to combine your solution with a @GreenSock
  3. Hello! Please tell me how to refine the following functions for text animation: 1. I need two lines to move in different directions at different speeds 2. The animation slows down or breaks down, how to make it go smoothly? 3. How to make it stop when hover? I have uploaded the code to Codepen, you can read the link: https://codepen.io/Daniyar01/pen/MWppyOe