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  1. excellent - the new version fixed the behavior I have seen - very cool love it thanks Carl for jumping in - I was reasoning along your lines but by looking at the code it could have gone both ways - I do what you suggested and filter out successive 0 values - by the way I love your site - I always learn & pick up something from it thanks - thomas
  2. I am tweening a custom property with a repeat delay and when I trace into the function it gets called with the final tween value (o in my example below) multiple times until the delay has expired. Is this intended behavior? here are the details somhow cleaned up (get / set are the traces in the corresponding functions): tween: ... {"customProp":0, "repeat":-1, "repeatDelay":3, "ease":"Linear.easeIn"} .. customProp get: 10 -- start of tween - customProp set: 10 -- start of first cycle ....... customProp set: 0 -- first cycle done customProp set: 0 -- delay phase - I see a delay time dependent number of calls - if delay == 0 I see none ... customProp set: 0 -- delay time finished customProp set: 10 -- second cycle starts .... customProp set: 0 -- end of second cycle .... thanks - thomas
  3. yes - it makes sense - thanks for your quick answer - thomas
  4. I use TransformManager on a complex structure. Somewhere inside I use TweenProxy3D. TransformItem fails with an access to an empty transformation matrix. I understand the reason. This brings me to my question. How should I deal with the transform.matrix or transform.matrix3D equals null situation considering I am using lots (and I am a fan) of the greensock classes? It seems that using transform.matrix3D will cause a lot of problems looking at the code - cleaning it by setting it to null opens another can of worms - any insight beyond? thanks - thomas
  5. I included the reference since it popped up when I searched if you guys have already a solution - I thought it would help clarify - sorry for the confusion I am not tweening the reflection but the object that has the reflection and would like to keep things reasonably in sync - this can become tricky the solution in the reference achieves this using an update timer which is not very appealing considering perf and animation so I envisioned a TweenMax plugin: TweenMax.to(mc, 1, {.........., reflection:{alpha:1, ratio:20, dropoff:20, distance:12}}); which would do the tick for me. - thomas
  6. any chance of you guys adding a Reflection plugin with the greensock quality and perf - this would be a nice addition and less code for me ref:http://forums.greensock.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1662 - thomas
  7. cool! thanks - that fixed if thomas
  8. Hi, the ImagLoader fails in _load() when it tries to copy bitmap data from previous loaded images Line 282: _content = new Bitmap(ImageLoader(loader).rawContent.bitmapData, "auto", Boolean(this.vars.smoothing != false)); * VERSION: 1.89 * DATE: 2011-10-20 it occurs if previous load attempts have generated a Error #2048: Security sandbox violation: ..., i.e. there is no rawContent accessible. workaround is to switch caching off noCache:false I assume above function should check if rawContent IS BitmapData love the greensock stuff - thomas