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  1. Hey @mikel @Cassie, I almost got it working. But there are some issues can you please help https://codepen.io/shahnwazh170/pen/abJBeXJ
  2. Thanks a lot @mikel and @Cassie. You guys are awesome.
  3. @Cassie @mikel Can you guys understand what I'm trying to do? Look at this image below. I want to move these video svg from top to bottom endlessly. So it can create a scrolling effect. please help me achieving this effect.
  4. Hey @Cassie , the main use of scrollTrigger is to trigger animation on some scroll conditions. Lets don't think about triggering animation on scroll. I just want to move the video items in svg on a circular path like. I want to create a feed scrolling animation. I just want to move video items on the mobile screen svg in a loop so it would look like someone is scrolling their phone in svg.
  5. @mikel thank you, problem is not with scrollmagic although I'll definitely use GSAP Scroll trigger. The main issue is i want to make scrolling animation. After three videos popped in i want them to scroll inside the mobile screen frame svg. and I'm not being able to get that working. I want those video to scroll like we scroll the videos on youtube.
  6. Hey I have created a small example of what I wanna do. As you can see in my codepan video items are popping in correctly but after all three videos popped in I want to animate them on a path so it look like they are scrolling endlessly and I want to make it repeating. Please help me I'm new to gsap.