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  1. Reporting a bug here. On IE8 my animation complete kills the experience, throwing a runtime error popup. Works fine though on Chrome and proper browsers. I'm doing the following: animateInBars : function(callOnComplete){TweenMax.staggerFrom( dom_element.find('.barchart-bar'), 0.5,{height:"0%", ease:Elastic.easeOut}, 0.01, callOnComplete);}, The animation works fine, but when the onCompleteAll kicks in, it crashes. IE8 throws this at me: Object expected TweenMax.js, line 308 character 7 That corresponds to this code on line: onCompleteAll.apply(onCompleteAllScope, onCompleteAllParam
  2. Looks like I've solved it. The cause of the Flash player crash is this: I've got a LoaderMax instance with nested ImageLoader instances which loads Facebook images. Change the auditSize property to false prevents the player from crashing. I've double checked and it really seems to be the thing that triggers the crashes. LoaderMax VERSION: 1.89 Flash player Chrome Browser 16.0.912.75 Mac OS 10.7.2 Also occurs in Firefox 9.0.1
  3. I'm experiencing the exact same problem here. The moment it happens there seems to be some trace output concerning policy files: