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  1. i've installed that plugin doesn't seem to change anything https://codepen.io/uiunicorn/pen/ZEeBQGz
  2. Here's what i have now as you can see the model kinda floats up and down on Y and the auto rotate is completed screwed: https://codepen.io/uiunicorn/pen/ZEeBQGz
  3. i tried: gsap.to(model5.position, { duration: 10, repeat: -1, ease:Linear.easeNone, motionPath: { path, // equivalent to path: path autoRotate: true, useRadians: true }, onUpdate: updateMesh }); seems i forgot .position now i have no errors but! now my model is gone lol pen: https://codepen.io/uiunicorn/pen/eYvBpaq
  4. Updated post now the pen should only contain the gsap error in console
  5. So i would like to animate this model along a path: https://codepen.io/uiunicorn/pen/abJmVwo but it doesn't seem to work and i am getting this in console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'rotation' of object '#<Group>' at Plugin._setterPlain [as rSet] (gsap-core.js:3367) at PropTween.render [as r] (MotionPathPlugin.js:301) at Tween.render (gsap-core.js:3163) at _lazyRender (gsap-core.js:187) at _lazySafeRender (gsap-core.js:193) at Array.updateRoot (gsap-core.js:2564) at _tick (gsap-core.js:1252) and ideas of what the problem is? here is the original pen that works: (my pen uses modules): https://codepen.io/uiunicorn/pen/zYZoYpV