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  1. Yes, essentially I have removed the transform manager's selection capabilities. I capture mouse down myself and then tell the transform manager what to select / deselect based on the results of my testing. We've made several other modifications to it, as we needed to control the parent where the items are added as well, so there's a bit more to it, but a simple solution would be to just do what I've suggested. Override the select/deselect capabilities and then code a mouse down event for your own purposes.
  2. I've managed to fix it... turns out it was the parent container adding the scroll bars...
  3. Small update here, it seems that if you scale an object to less than 100% it's still using the object's full size to detect bounds.
  4. I am getting a huge bug while working with the app in Flex.... It only happens when you've resized or rotated an object, and then you attempt to drag it around, but it removes everything from the stage, but it appears as though you can see it from the left bounds. Has this happened to anyone before?
  5. You can do some simple bitmap hit testing if you want to check for sure... we are developing an application that has to deal with this, and essentially I check to see if the object clicked on is a bitmap, and if it is I run the bitmap hit test on the points and use that as the basis for my hit testing. However, because if this I have to restrict the transformManager to not execute it's own select/deselect events and instead I tell the manager what to select and deselect.