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  1. Yes, I've tried this, and it's working, I mean it did Transform Around Center. But with the mouse over the component, it keeps animating from my onOver and onOut functions. I know it's a boundary issue due to the transformation, that I've already solved earlier with a Shape button, by using some customized container... I thought I could use "easily" those UIcomponents from fl.controls with some of your really nice tweening.... Well, knowing that UIcomponents are AS3, I've located the UIcomponents.as on my Flash folder. So do you think it could "easy" to modify some stuff inside it to solve that problem for all my UIcomponents ? And what could I modify ?
  2. Hi everybody, I'm facing the same problem in Flash AS3, with UI Components from fl.controls : import fl.controls.Button; TweenPlugin.activate([TransformAroundCenterPlugin]); var myButton:Button; myButton = new Button(); myButton.setSize(100, 50); myButton.move(200, 200); myButton.label = "Validate"; myButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER,onOver,false,0,true); myButton.validateNow(); mainCTR.addChild(myButton); // mainCTR : it's my container private function onOver(e:MouseEvent):void { myButton.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER,onOver); myButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT,onOut,false,0,true); TweenMax.to(myButton,1,{transformAroundCenter:{scaleX:1.5,scaleY:1.5}}); } private function onOut(e:MouseEvent):void { myButton.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT,onOut); myButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER,onOver,false,0,true); TweenMax.to(myButton,1,{transformAroundCenter:{scaleX:1,scaleY:1}}); } It's still acting with the original registration point. I have notice that trace(myButton.getBounds(myButton)) returns (x=0, y=0, w=100, h=50) , so I took a look on my and tried to manually set things with : bounds.x = target.x; bounds.y = target.y; but without success... Any idea ? Thanks
  3. Hi, In the AutoFitArea capability, the addEventListener() method, does it work with alll as3 events ? like MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER ?