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  1. i had a timeline doing weard things on double click fast, this worked for me
  2. then use on css something like : clip-path: path('M213.1,6.7c-32.4-14.4-73.7,111.5-106.1C263.4,64.2,247.2,22.9,213.1,6.7z'); instead of clip-path: url("#svgPath"); ? i was working right now on this hipothesis sr, thanks for fast response, just confirme if im on the right track ,
  3. i figured out this aproach dont work in firefox but weardly it should for what i see in caniuse here: https://caniuse.com/css-clip-path any insite on that?
  4. Thats made me feel im trying too hard, ive tryed many aproaches to get it right but this was clean n simple, thanks very much sr. i still finding my way arround javascript and gsap
  5. ive been playing around Gsap for a while now but its the first time asking for help cause your docs are awesome - so basically im trying to replicate this effect i saw on https://www.reformcollective.com/ footer, pining a section on scroll and get into the whole of the text mask its all almost the way i want but i cant grasp how to manage to scale the svg text from the center center, it aways goes up down or sideways the other issue seems to be calculate to aim the hole Ive been broken my head and tryed many many possibilities for the effect - i start to suspect might be something been wrongly calculated because of the pin spacer or the width of the screen. if someone could throw some light here would be greatly apreciated Thanks